Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What are the chances of starting over with your ex after filing for child support and full custody?

We broke up three months ago due to child support. We never lived together or married. Basically, i had to choose child support b/c while together, he was cheap. Now i get child support and we arent together. Im also filing for full custody and paternal visitation b/c we live in diff't countries (commute is only 45 mi nutes). He started visiting 2-3 times a week in my home (b/c she is only 4 months old). Eventually, he will get the baby every weekend b/c i work.

Okay, I still have feelings for him and i still find him very attractive. Furthermore, i havent had any sexual relations in awhile. Im not sure how he feels about me but i know he is angry and upset about the whole court thing. I had to do what i had to do for the baby but do you think once his anger subsides and things blow over, he will come back into my life?

Ive accepted the fact of being single and i dont mind it at all b/c i work weekends and i just had a baby 4 months ago. My life is dedicated now to my kids. But i do miss him sexually (even though sex wasnt that great) and i find him so handsome.

what are my chances of having some kind of relationship with this man even if its just sex? would most guys sleep with a woman who is taking them to court for child support and visitation? Sounds crazy doesnt it?What are the chances of starting over with your ex after filing for child support and full custody?
It sounds like you might love him. If he loves you, he'll forgive you. In the west, there isn't any way to secure child support while married. It could be that your ideal relationship does not involve living together. As long as he is in your life, it will be better for your baby.What are the chances of starting over with your ex after filing for child support and full custody?
PLEASE don't have any more kids. PLEASE.


No really, PLEASE don't have anymore kids, you don't pick dads well.
Extremely slim. Too much water under the bridge.
slim but not impossible
Here's some books to read that will help, and why it is important to have a father in the home.

Fatherless America : Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem鈥?/a>

Stupid Things Parents Do to Mess Up Their Kids鈥?/a>

Ten Stupid Things Couples do to Mess up Their Relationships鈥?/a>

You broke up with your child's father and filed for child support because he wasn't spending the money you thought he should be on what you wanted him to? I don't know all the details, but to me that doesn't sound like a responsible thing to do. Your child needs its father, and a dependable home more than it needs stuff. So for that reason I would say that getting back together with the father of your child is a very good idea. At some point you yourself may be able to go back to work to pay for the things your family needs as well, and having your spouse to support you will be a big help.

But you want to get back together because you think he's handsome and you miss the sex??? Don't you have more respect for him than that? He's a person, with a mind, a personality, talents, hopes, and dreams. If you want to be with him, let it be because you love who he is inside, and are willing to love him and respect him for the rest of your life. You sound very young, or at least very young in the way you are thinking. With a child to take care of now, you need to think about what your child needs and not what you want. Baby comes first.
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