Friday, August 20, 2010

What does it mean when your ex flirts with girls in front of you when you broke up with him?

me and my ex wen out for four months..nothin too serious. so i broke up with him. after we broke up he started talking my bestfriend and telling her how much he missed me and stuff. i gave in because i only broke up with him cuz his friends didnt want us to be together. he didnt ';ask me out'; but we talked on the phone/online/few dates for about 7 months then we dropped it again cuz it wasnt working out. he called me one time after but that was basically our last phone conversation. we still talk online but he treats me like a germ in school. so i dont tolerate it. he even flirts with girls in front of me. what the hell should i do? i still have ALL of highschool to deal with him and i dont know if i should get over him or talk to him or if he wants to talk to meee? omgg im so lost. HELPPP!What does it mean when your ex flirts with girls in front of you when you broke up with him?
He's being childish, and trying to make you jealous, don't let it bother you. Just ignor him like he was a germ. Don't let him know it bothers you, because if you do then he wins. It will bother him more knowing your not upset by his actions, it works like a charm everythime.What does it mean when your ex flirts with girls in front of you when you broke up with him?
it means he's trying to make you jealous because he feels bitter about you breaking up with him. he wants to hurt you
You broke up with him so I fail to see why you have a problem. But you do sound like a typical woman not knowing what you want.
he just trying to get your goat. making you jealious knowing you cannot have him.
he wants to make you jelous... what you need to do is act like u are not bothered and reverse it, flirt in front of him with others, if he wants you he will soon come back...
He has moved on, thus he is over you.
he wants to make you jelous and he might still be crushing on you but you don't need no immature guy like that don't go back out with him
he's trying to make you jelous
Perhaps he still has love for you and assumes, perhaps wrongly, that you are comfortable with this showing of emotion towards another. The other option is, that he may be trying to make you jealous. Either way, express it to him... it can't make things worse!
hes tryin to make u jealous and or mad and it seems to be workin, get another bf and he will stop or just flirt with other guys around him
He's hurt that you ended the relationship so now he's trying to display how desirable is is to other women. It's up to you as to what next...when you were with him you had little if any time spent together, and the jealous friends of his. So the question you must ask yourself is: ';What has changed that will make the things that lead me to dump him in the first place, not being around?'; If it's gonna be the same, why go through it again...? Talk to him and make it clear that things have to change, if you are gonna consider another try
Let him go. He sounds like a player to me.

Break it off clean. Go on with your life. Focus on developing yourself for right now. Do not be too quick to jump to a new relationship. If you are serious about going on to college, you need to focus on doing well in high school if you wish to get into a good college.
You know what that mean ahhh dahhhh.
It means he's over you and its time to move on.
if u guys aren't together, then y are u worried about who he does what with? u guys tried it more than once, obviously it didn't work. so take this time to do u. do what u like or have to do. don't worry if he's trying to make you jealous or if he's trying to hurt u, is those are his intentions then he needs to grow up. cuase ur a woman that has other stuff to do than worry about these little boys.
He sounds like an a##hole who's just trying to make you jealous and take advantage of your emotions. Try happily introducing more hot girls to him, that should bite him in the a## pretty hard.
He's just trying to show you that you aren't the only one that wants him. If he wanted to, he has his pick of girls, he doesn't have to wait on you to make a decision.
It means he is trying to get a reaction out of you and make you jealous. It also indicates that he still has feelings for you.

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