Monday, August 16, 2010

Wanting / Getting Ex back even though he has a girlfriend!!!!???

What do guys think about their exes wanting to get back together even though you might be in a relationship now?

My scenario: I am female. Ex and I were together for a year and a half. Broke up a few months ago...he couldn't handle me cheating on him in the beg. of our relation. and I couldn't handle his ';ladies'; man personality (to sum it up short). He kept contemplating getting back with me and then decided to leave all the drama alone (without even working on it) and now he's in a relat. with a girl he apparently really likes.

How would you feel if your ex kept trying to get back with you or dropping hints about the 'two' of you. How would you break the situation down in your head...he still tells me that he loves me, etc.

Is there anyway an Ex could get you ';back'; even if you might be with someone?Wanting / Getting Ex back even though he has a girlfriend!!!!???
Wow... sounds like your situation is similar to mine. A week after I met my current guy, I slept with someone else, and he was devistated by it. Then about 3 months after we continued things, he slept with someone in my house, out of spite. He saw how bad it hurt me, he said he didn't realize how much I cared, and felt really bad after the fact, so we have continued to date. Now we are officially boyfriend/girlfriend, and working on things, although sometimes our past actions come up and it gets difficult with him sometimes. I don't know of any certain way to get him back. If he's happy in his new relationship, leave him alone. No sense in being a homewrecker. Put yourself in her shoes, your the new girl, and his ex was trying to get him back. You would feel hurt, and probably think the ex was psycho! Good luck! Hope all works out for you.Wanting / Getting Ex back even though he has a girlfriend!!!!???
No is the simple answer, and I will try to expalin why. You wil both always have those little nagging doubts in the back of your heads ready to be dished out when the first little arguement happens. especially if you are both in a relationship why do you need to do this?
You are really confusing. Your question states that you want him back, but then your details say that he wants you back cuz he loves you.. Which one is it??? If you cheated on him in the beginning, then you are pretty much a whore. If I was your boyfriend, well that would never happen b/c girls don't cheat on me... at least not the kind I date.
i wouldn't really know how to answer this because i am going throught the same thing but we did stuff an he cheated on his gf wit me an he is sayin he wants me an misses wat we had an yeah its way confusing but i guess the guy realizes wat he cannot have so that is maybe y he is doing this to you.
Ever seen a penny on the ground and you pick it up, and it's on heads, for good luck or tails, u don't pick it up. Well, put it this way, you're not a penny, and you're worth more then a flip of the coin, heads ,or tails. If he's with someone and is trying to get you back while still with her. Check out this scenario, do you want to co-sign lies to you and to her, and be a coin, fipped on heads or tails from one day to the nxt. Tell him, to keep picking up coins and hoping for luck, in the mean time, tell him, you're Gem, and u shine, you don't need to be worn and used, you want to be cherished!

Girlfriend, keep it moving!
He's probably wishing you would take a hint and move on with your life. It not very attractive for a girl to keep chasing a guy. Especially chasing a guy with a girlfriend. It makes you look cheap.
You cheated on him, now you need to leave him be and let him have a girl who respects him and cares for him. He chose her; not you. Deal with it.

I would never go back to an ex who cheated on me, whether I was with someone new or not.
Leave him alone.He sounds like a jerk anyway.
leave the drama for yo mama...

move on already~

he's your EX....he's with someone new....leave him alone
letting ur ex act this way makes u no better than him. dump him leave him. if he really wants u hell leave his current girl.
You are a cheater, what was there to work on? Leave the guy alone and let him be happy, you didn't really care for him anyway or you wouldn't have cheated! You just want what you can't have so you can get him from her, and then you still won't want him!!! Evil Witch!
My ex tried that last summer. I had briekn it off with her %26amp; she kept calling, emailing %26amp; coming over to my place. I was in a new relationship %26amp; it all seemed psychotic on her part. The sad part is almost a year later she is still emailing me.

In short it is just a nuisance... Be strong %26amp; move on...
Sounds like you guys were made for either other. You are both cheaters and liars, so you deserve one another.
leave him alone
Okay back up!

You cheated on him. He shouldn't wan you back! No offence. Now he is trying to cheat on his gf with you? Are you crazy? Don't let it happen. You are better then all of this. Stuff like this makes me sad. If he wants you back he should break up with his girl. You should never of cheated on him. And you seem jealous about him being a 'ladies' man. It seems you both are jealous enough of each other that you will break up then try to hurt others and get back together when he replaced you with a rebound and it has only been a couple of months. There is no way you can make that sound good at all. I'm sorry but you both seem confused. If you love him and he loves you just stop hurting others and tell each other the truth. WITHOUT CHEATING ON THE ONES YOU CLAIM TO ';LOVE';.

Now have a nice day.
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If he's dropping hints and whathaveyou, he's probably suggesting the two of you just hook up rather than a relationship. He's not worth your time. Guys who just want a bit on the side or are willing to talk while still involved don't respect you.
Let it go,if he has another girl then why even bother?I mean the guy likes someone else and you still have the nerve to want this guy back?I think it is a no brainer that you let this vato go......

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