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Can health and welfare keep your child support open even if you want it dropped on your ex?

i have my kids 50 50 , my ex wife , well still actualy we are still married , we have been separated for 7 years, she has been living with her boyfriend slash fiancee for three and i have been on my own and and have been paying child support for them wich i have no problem doing, how ever that gives her three incomes to live off of and me only half of mine to live off of and still provide for my kids, she is doing fine now and is not on welfare or anything, she wants me to sign divorce papers so she can get re married and i told her i would if she drops the child support so i can be able to provide for them more than i can now when they are with me and wont have to struggle so hard and she says they wont let her drop it so i am trying to find out if this is true ? with her it has always been about the money and not the kids, for 6 months i lived in texas and my kids were with me and she was suposed to stop the child support but she never did so i was still paying her child support while they were with me and not her, does any one have any suggestions or answers for me ? please helpCan health and welfare keep your child support open even if you want it dropped on your ex?
You need to have the support order reworked. When you get the divorce you need to try to have the custody and the support changed in the divorce decree. I guess after you separated she got on welfare and they set your child support up that way. Well depending on the state you live in you may need to have it modified. Some states consider both parent's income when setting support. Parenting time could also drop the amount of support you pay. The two of you can't make any decision on child support if it is court ordered it has to be changed by the courts.

Your definitely getting screwed if you had them 6 months out of the year. Either you shouldn't have had to pay her during the time she had them or she should have had to pay you when you had them. I can't believe you wouldn't have had that changed when you had them. If you don't have LEGAL joint custody then you need to make sure you get it. What if a person no longer wants the Office of the Attorney General鈥檚 services?

If the parent no longer receives TANF or Medicaid and wishes to discontinue child support enforcement services, the case can be closed by written request, provided no arrears are owed by the non-custodial parent that are assigned to the state.

I'm guessing your case is in Texas. Check out this website to answer more of your questions on child support related issues. There is also contact information on this website.


Mamaluna: You're an absolute idiot! If the children lived with him for 6 months of the year what friggin child was he supporting? The adult one that is suposed to be a parent too? Tell me and everyone else reading this that you seriosly are not that damn stupid! 50 50 is not a new rap artist. It's the percentage of time spent with each parent.Can health and welfare keep your child support open even if you want it dropped on your ex?
It's just common sense. You really need to get to court and get this changed. A child support enforcement agency is going to help you as little as possible.

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It would depend on if they took into consideration the fact that you had your children half the time. If they knew that when they asked for the SUPPORT then there is nothing that you can do about it. It is a percentage of your income. If they did not know that you would have them half of the time and they both make more than you do then it is possible that the support will be dropped.
You need to go back to court and reopen the case and have it reevaluated. If you do have your kids50% of the time you should not be paying child support. You would still help with half thecost if daycare if needed and medical expenses though. Good luck!
I would not advise her to drop child support....ever! Child support is towards and for your child to which you help make...this has nothing to do what so ever with her (your soon to be ex) life or lovers.

You owe your child support after all you helped to make them...Now you help to support them period. And btw when they are visiting with you, you don't get that child support back...so sorry but that is not how it works!

I suggest you man up and stop whining likeabitch!!!!
Well, since she is the one wanting the divorce, make her put the terms you want in it. I hope you've been paying the child support with a check all these years.......

You don't have to sign the papers unless you agree with what is in them. If you truly have the kids 50% then you can insist on joint custody %26amp; child support. Who do they live with during school year? You also need to address who claims them on tax returns. If you are paying child support, you should be claiming them part of the time. Usually people take turns claiming them if only one kid. If she is not getting any kind of state assistance, she can have child support waived, especially if you have joint custody. Lots of time when the custody is split equally, neither parent pays child support.
Welfare wants their money back. My ex had kids after me with another woman. She is on welfare so they get to take the money first...leaving me with none. The state gets their money first it sucks since I am not on welfare and my kids were first! You only option to not paying would be to sign off on the kids (which I am sure you don't want to do) but if you do do this make sure that it states you are no longer obligated to any past or future child support.

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