Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do you think it is wrong to bring up your ex with your current partner?

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 4-5 months. Recently i received a phone call from a number i didn't recognize. It was my ex and he was telling me how sorry he was for hurting me and how he knows i hate him right now. He told me to forgive him or he wouldn't forgive himself. Anyways i told him i don't want to talk talk to him and for him to leave me alone. i was upset that he even called me.

My boyfriend called me right after and he could tell that i was in a bad mood. he asked me what was wrong and i told him that a guy that i used to talk to called me. he got mad and said ';is that why your pissed off, why don't you go back with him because it looks like you are still in love with him'; so i tell him why is he getting upset when hes the one that asked what was wrong and i was just being honest with him and told him. he was like why are you even bringing up your ex do you want me to talk about my ex's. So now he is upset and i don't know what to do.Do you think it is wrong to bring up your ex with your current partner?
While your boyfriend has a right to be upset that your ex contacted you, it's not your fault and he shouldn't be mad at you. In fact, he should feel grateful that you were honest about the phone call. After all, it's obvious you don't want your ex back if his call upset you too.

Give your boyfriend a little time to cool off. Then explain to him that you don't want your ex back, and don't want your ex calling any more than he wants him to call. Reassure him that your are not in love with your ex, and told your ex to leave you alone.

It sounds like he's just feeling a little insecure since your ex called you, but that's no reason to be angry with you. If you constantly talked about your ex, then I would say he has a right to be upset with you, but in this case he asked why you were upset and you were honest with him. It's not like you purposely brought up your ex to upset your boyfriend.

Good luck!Do you think it is wrong to bring up your ex with your current partner?
i think he needs to grow up some. you don't want to live your life worried about if who you're talking to will piss him off. just let him pout and when he's done and wants to act like a real man he'll start talking again. if not you don't want to be dating someone that immature anyways
Talk abourt something else,, NEVER an ex.
NEVER bring up an ex
Sounds like your current guy is the jealous type. Things happen in life. If you cant talk to your new guy about them, its not worth it. You were just being honest in what happened, and it wasnt your fault, your ex called you. And you told him to leave you alone. So your current guy should understand that. Now if you were constantly bringing up your ex or comparing your new guy to him, that would be offensive and disrespectful, but it sounds like your new boyfriend needs some confidence and trust in you. Good luck.
men dont actually want that much honesty, i know it sucks but i would highly stray away from saying anything about your ex or anyother guy unless your saying how much better they are then them, and even thats a slippery slope. unfortunately he equates you being so upset and disturbed with your ex with you still having emotional attachments and ties to him. as far as he's concerned if you were over him you wouldn't be so bothered by him. everyone wants for you to believe that they want honesty but they really dont, not like that. so dont bring it up again. if that ever happens again just say nothing or just tell him you talk to him later about it(but reassure him its not about him), if be brings it back up (w/c they seldom do just tell him it was nothing serious...idk? but learn what things you should keep to yourself and whats ok to share. thats very important in life and especially in relationships..i know you were just being honest and it didnt mean anything to you but it did to him..=( its happened to me before so i had to learn too.

but keep the past in the past, the more you bring it up wll arouse questions for him based on wether or not its really over for you. where you wanna be, and ether or not your over what happened, and wether or not you still have baggage from your previous relationships..
At some point in every relationship, we all talk about exes. I think it's perfectly fine, in fact, it's healthy. This way your current partner will gain a better understanding of you. He have to know a little about your past to know how you became who you are today, yes? Besides, it is only wrong if you go bashing on your exes or get all nostalgic .Now, it seems very clear that your current boyfriend is very insecure of himself, and he doesn't want any chance of you and your former boyfriend to have any chance of reconciling. If this is only the fourth or fifth month in the relationship, I have a gut feeling, his behavior toward this will worsen.

Whatever you do, good luck.

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