Monday, August 16, 2010

The curse of the ex boyfriend?

okay ladies how come u always still love and want to be with your ex boyfriend. I mean i got a friend who is married and she still call and hang out with her ex boyfriend and she always telling me if she wasnt married she would get him back but her husband doesnt know. How come u women are always still attached to your ex boyfriend even if u broke up with him. Is it the love for him that u have that will never die or is it because he was like no other boyfriend u have ever had. Please let me know why u always still love your ex and even sometimes u still have sex with him. THE CURSE OF THE EX BOYFRIEND.The curse of the ex boyfriend?
oh my gosh im going through the same thing. i was with my ex for 4 1/2 years and it was just so hard to let him go. i guess its because i was so attached to him. there's so many things about him that comes up in your mind and when you think about them you just feel like you have lost 10 million Dollars. especially if the sex was great. then you start to wonder, who am i going to love now. ITS HARD. YOU'RE RIGHT ITS DEFINITELY A CURSE OF THE EXBOYFRIEND.The curse of the ex boyfriend?
sometimes it is just a feeling that they give you i did between my husband and an ex for 5 lyears only i would break up with one due to problems and run to the next it finally got old and i left both alone and he is married and my ex husband and i finally admitted we were better off friends than fighting lovers and quarreling all the time 7 months have passed with out sex from eithrer of them i found a man that is great and treats me the way my ex did but has the stability of my ex husband which is pretty weird but i am so happy with him now the end to the curse
we just cant let him go. and if you get back with him you might get hurt

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