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What to do when your ex is getting married?

I was with my ex for a year and found out that he was seeing someone else as well. He is getting married to the other woman in a couple of weeks and is still trying to keep contact with me. I have tried to cease contact with him and he still keeps coming around. I have even threatened to contact his fiancee if he does not leave me alone but he still wont go away. Although I am very irritated with him and do not desire to be with him, I still have not gotten over the feelings of hurt. The wedding date is coming up and I am nervous and unsure about how I will handle the man that I still have feelings for marrying someone else. Any suggestions on what I should do on his wedding day to keep my mind of off him and the situation? Thanks in advance for your feedback.What to do when your ex is getting married?
It's simple. Show up wearing something absolutely stunning. Sit through the boring service then at the reception have a drink, laugh with your mutual friends and make it clear your over it. Bringing a date is a great move. If you're asked for a speech make sure you're funny but also take the opportunity to dish some dirt. Also be sure you leave early before the bride and groom do. You wanna cut your ties so make sure you get things out of your system, and show him that he's giving you up for good and show him what he's missing before you go!What to do when your ex is getting married?
When you have kids together: congratulate them, because your kids will visit them often.

When you have no kids together, forget your ex. It's not any more your problem. Period.
You don't do anything. Wish him the best and be on your way. If/when he comes around, ignore him. The longer you keep communicating with him the more he is going to come around. You say you don't desire to be with him but that you don't know how to handle him marrying someone else because you still have feelings for him. I am trying very hard to understand. It almost sounds like you have the bigger interest. You need to remind yourself that the relationship you had with him is over and that he is with someone else. Forgive him of the hurts and move on.
it doesnt matter what you do on his wedding day. the day has 24 hours and of course you are going to think about it sooner or later. I would call his fiancee and tell her that this guy is bothering you and that she better take care of that. Is not that you are going to be mean to her but you know is the only way for you to stop this situation. good luck
I wouldn't go to the wedding.
Go to the wedding with a date and looking absolutely gorgeous. Eat the food, have a few drinks, and enjoy yourself for you not for him. At some point during the reception, he will approach you. When he does resist him because the new bride will come over to the two of you. When she does, tell her EVERTHING!!! You'll feel better, he shouldn't bother you anymore, and the truth will be told.
Go to the wedding and OBJECT as loud as you can, when they ask why say he still loves me he calls and stops by all the time.
Is his futher wife pretty,will here what I would do become her friend. Become such a good friend that when she has his baby you'll throw her a baby shower and become tha baby's godmother.Just to stay in touch,so when you finlly do get a boyfriend.You can show him off to your ex.Are even better date one of hie close friends.
if you hate him, go and glare angrily.if not then look happy
Number one, do what you say...tell his fiancee if he contacts you again. It's not fair to her to marry someone she thinks has feelings only for her when in reality he's keeping in contact with you...she deserves to know the truth before making a lifelong commitment. Just stay busy on the wedding day....plan an activity with friends or something.
Your letter was very confusing.....I feel you secretly want to pursue him still, but feel that since he is with this other woman then it's better to pretend that you don't want him because it hurts less.....and besides, if he does marry her you can continue to tell yourself that you don't want him.............

Whether he marries her or not - he sounds like a jerk. Why would you want someone who can not be true to you? There really are more fish in the sea - although sometimes it feels like there isn' will happen for you. You just have to stop looking in the wrong places. That guy has loser written all over him.

Don't go to the will only make you crazy. Get some friends together an go out......get on with your life and lose the loser.
I may be reading this wrong, but I'm not sure you're even invited to the wedding. He sounds like a loser. If he's engaged and still pursuing you, you should thank your lucky stars the ring isn't on YOUR finger. If he can't commit before saying ';I do'; he's got major issues! Cut your losses and trade up!
Pray for strength!

You need to stay far far away from this man.

He's a Liar. He's deceived you and he's doing the same to the present girl - and he will continue.

Cut your losses now and run!

Get dressed up - look beautiful - do a day spa - and go out the night of the wedding -find out a place where you're sure to meet tooons of men - even if you're not interested - just go somewhere - to get lots of attention -

You deserve better!
let him go and let it be who knows there might be someone else that is better than him. but if he is cummunicating with you constantly as if you still are lovers, asked him straight to the point if he really loves this girl that he is getting married with, who knows he was just forced to marry that girl .. he might love you he is just scared to let you know

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