Monday, August 16, 2010

How do you avoid contacting your ex?

I've just broken up with my ex, and I haven't contacted him for a couple of days now, what do I do to avoid the urge to call him or IM him? I just want to tell him how much he hurt me but I know that it won't achieve anything... Or even better yet, how do I get this feeling out of my head?How do you avoid contacting your ex?
It takes a while to get over someone. But the fastest way, also the hardest way, is to stay away from them. Take the time to remember why you aren't together and how that will benefit your life. This way is the best way. If you keep busy and hang out with friends, get rid of all pictures of the two of you and erase his phone number from your phone and address books, you won't have a problem. Take his email off of your computer. If he hurt you, he knows it. If he hasn't apologized, he doesn't want to, and believe he doesn't need to, therefore you don't need him or his worthless apology. People that hurt us, don't love us and don't deserve us. We are above them and know how to treat others. Your ex sounds like an SOB of the highest kind. Go out, have some drinks, watch some comedy and maybe even some porn. Spend quality time with your family, and yourself. For some real fun, enlarge his picture and throw darts at it. Everytime you score a point, remind yourself how much he hurt you. If you forget the hurt, you'll find yourself forgetting what a bastard he is. You can't forget, because then he'll get back into your life without getting forgiveness. And he doesn't deserve it. Be angry, be wonderfully single, and if you run into him, act like you could care less. He'll hate that. Better yet, have him see you with a hot guy on your arm.How do you avoid contacting your ex?
if you have a close friend who's willing to do the following, it works very well. whenever you feel the urge to call your ex, call your friend instead.
Write to him instead, but don't send it.
Distract yourself with other people and activities.
stay bz
time,the only cure-all is time.. Keeping yoursel busy will help also!
To quote the not-so-talented Michael Bolton:

';Nothing heals a broken heart like time, love, and tenderness.';

In time, it will get better. Get busy. Get involved in stuff that will require your attention, concentration and dedication. Focus on helping people who are worse off than you. Volunteer.

In time, you'll find that you don't care so much about how he made you feel anymore. Then you will have moved on.

Good luck.
move out of town or state or zone.
Every day that you avoid the temptation to contact him will make you stronger the next day. Telling him he hurt you won't make you feel better or him feel worse. If you really really have to get that venom out of your system write it all in a letter then tear it up and throw it away.

Then get actively involved in doing things that you did not do with him. If you guys went on long walks then you start going to movies, read books, entertain friends, jog in a group, take a class. Don't hang out with his friends. Don't consider anyone a friend that constantly says.... ';How you doing kid any better?';

If you got rid of the dope in your life then even if you're having a bad day... you're doing amazingly better and on the road to a happier life.

just move on.

ur a strong girl and u can get anybody u want.
Breaking up with somebody creates a very empty space in your life ..

so try to fill that space with anything you like to do .. or never done before..

dont try to find another one so soon .. because it wont be good and true ..

try to break the every day routine and you will forget him completely.

and you decide when to be ready for another relation with any guy .. dont ever let the guy stick him self in your life .. ( like an intruder ). make it your own decision and get him in your life when the time is good for that ..

believe me, when the time comes you will know ..

I hope it help.

Wish you all the best.

Good Luck.
Delete him from your contacts list on your cell phone and take him off you IM list.
find another person and throw it in his face. Plus it will help with the urges to call him.
Well, when I was trying to get over my ex I would put a note on my phone that says, ';don't call him!'; and when ever I felt the urge to call him I would call my friend instead and she would remind me of all the crappy things he did.
just give it time nobody feels good after a break up

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