Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How do you get even with your ex?

i have a ex who tries to make me jelous by bragin all the time about who she with now and what sho has.

recently she broke into my myspace page and changed my orientation to gay and said that i will **** just about anything.

how could i pay the bastard back.

keep in mind that she lives next door to me .%26lt;and dont call me stupid cause i already know%26gt;How do you get even with your ex?
Try to ignore her? She seems to be looking for attention. Ignoring her will either make her mad (which she already is?!) or bored. Revenge can be funny, but that way she will never stop making your life a hell. Good luck =)How do you get even with your ex?
Move on, and live a long and happy life without her. There is nothing more frustrating than to see an ex living well without you...
oh boy, you need to move ( if possible)

how do you think you will get over an X if you live next door to one another %26amp; are bound to see eachother a lot ?

you need to be the mature one here %26amp; don't let your X know that it bothers you, just go about your life as though nothing happened %26amp; that will bother your X even more
if she is trying to make you jealous she still cares for you so i take it you broke off with her

anyway you need to move away if you don't want to get back with her %26amp; dont do anything that will land you in jail
You are playing right into her game. Ignore the ***** and move on. Show her you are the better person by having the dignity to just bow out.
Why are u calling her a bastard? Just get over her and stop comsuming urself with hatred!!
getting even is not always the answer to these problems. the more attention you give this person the more it will continue to go on. be brave and ignore what happens and they will lose interest and maybe even grow up
move on
you bring the badest chick over make sure she see you all other her be were you'll use to go and front her around intrude her to people yall both no she will be tight holla.
live a great life., don't go down to her level, coz thats way to tacky and cheap! goodluck
Maybe she wants to get back with you? Just rise above all that. Be the bigger person and don't even let it bother you. That will really p*ss her off.
i would get head from her best friend that always works.

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