Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do you still enjoy the memories of the good times with your ex, even if you now dislike your ex?

My girlfriend and I broke up recently. In short, she turned out to be someone other than I thought she was. I pretty much hate her now. However, sometimes I find myself remembering the good times that we spent together. But then I stop because I remember what she did to me at the end and I start to get angry. I don't know how to reconcile the memories of the good times with what I think of her now. Should I enjoy the memories, or resist them? Do you ever like to think of the memories of the good times with your ex, or can you not because they are still nonetheless memories of that person??Do you still enjoy the memories of the good times with your ex, even if you now dislike your ex?
Yea sometimes if like a song that like yea you no....

i just go through it then im like that butt munch and

im like dnt think about that person then im ok and i go on but in

all yes i still enjoy the memories.Do you still enjoy the memories of the good times with your ex, even if you now dislike your ex?
Yes. I hate my ex so much now, we had a really bad break up. But we have so many good memories. We pretty much lived together and i go to school at a College and during my break he would make me lunch and bring it to me and he trains to do UFC fighting so i went to all his matches, and he also rapped in the studio with his friends and he wrote me a song. I loved him so much and honestly i still do.

But f*** it, s*** happens. Just got to swallow it down and move on. But dont ever forget that chapter in your life.

xoxo Kendra. =)
Yes I do man all the time.but do t show her that you still think of the good times y'all had.if u do dude I'm sorry but she will not leave u along until she finds out which good memory it was.I don't know either why guys do that I just guess ur body is telling u that you still love her but even though u don't think so.So do what ever u think is best.GOOD LUCK
Good question.. I find myself thinking of my ex and just get really angry also, then the anger turns into a depressing state, ill just fall alseep when that usually happens to stop thinking of it.. it only takes place when im alone or bored, but I do enjoy the memories, until i realize that shes no longer here.. instead shes with my best friend. I enjoy the memories but hate the circumstance.. Please help me and answer my question..

Those memories don't mean as much to me anymore. I realize that the things I was feeling were not based on reality.

Women say things they don't mean when they're in a relationship, they do things they don't really want to do. She never loved you as much as you loved her. That's the way it is with women. Forget her. Take her off that pedestal, don't ever put a woman up there again.
yeah, but over him, the memories will last forever, in any concept, whether thats bf or family

i dont know but memories always are there.
yah i do that too, and it makes me miss them but i just remember why we broke up and its fiine. i kinda laugh at the good/fun times but still remember the bad. it kinda sucks cause we were good friends and now we barely talkk:/ but its been a while so i dont really think of the memories anymore like i used to. the memories will still be there but theyll fade and you will move and hardley even think about her.
defiantly! most of my ex's i hate but still remember the good times, and find myself smiling (but like that's new! I'm always smiling! ;D) anyways i don't pay much attention to the bad times but they don't bug me much so...yeah. really i ain't much help since good to/or bad i love everything. ^w^
hahaha, wat a coincadence, i was listening to me and my ex's ,who hurt me really bad, song. well, it cant be avoided. you will have this memories. its good to not regret the things you did and haad in life, even if they anger you. eventually you and ur ex will be over this anger. and you will both move on : )
defintly not
Relationships may or may not end....memories are forever

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