Monday, August 16, 2010

How do you get over your ex?

Me and my ex boyfriend have been broken up for about a month and i want him back but i want to try and move on because its been hard for me. He flirts with me in class which makes it even harder, i told him to stop flirting with me but that did nothing and he kept doing it. How do i get over him? i really want to move on!How do you get over your ex?
Sad to say...but some ex's you never quite get over...a song...or a scent will bring it all back. If you truly want to move on....then just ignore his flirting...don't even make an acknowledgment...he'll get the hint when you stop giving him any attention. good luck!How do you get over your ex?
That reminds me of that song by Lauryn Hill ex factor. There is an old friend from my past like that. I call him the love of my life, it took me a long to get over him. Getting over someone like that takes time, and its even harder when you see them everyday. Just give yourself time and you will be able to move on.
You have to learn to hate him. I know that sounds harsh, but if you want to get over him...find a reason to hate him. I spent alot of time trying to be with guys who didn't want to be with me. They finally had to be mean in order for me to get over it. Instead of wasting your time, find a reason to hate him. Soon, you will come back out of the hate and you won't feel anything at all for him. Or you could always get someone new...that numbs you for ahile.
getting over some1 takes time. theres no use in trying 2 rush things. when ever he flirts with u try ur hardest 2 ignore him-if that doesnt work keep in mind that its over between u 2. my ex broke up with me for some one else lyk 3 or 4 months ago and just now is when im starting to get over it. dont worry ull eventually get over ur ex. maybe ull even meet some1 new that'll make u forget him faster, who knows? get out there and try meeting new ppl! or find a hobby that keeps ur mind off him! if things get to the point where its too much for you to handle then try talking to him, tell him how u feel, and see what he thinks. remember life moves on and so will you. one thing that helped me was listening to songs that have to do with that, see if that helps. :-) good luck
Idk but they say as long as you guys were toghther you will take that much time to get over each other. IF you were that in love or something
Run as fast as you can !!
It takes time... Unfortunately!

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