Monday, August 16, 2010

Your Bestfriend's Ex?

Is it wrong to get with your bestfriends ex boyfriend , even if HE made all the first moves? The first time it happened i got real angry and it was forced, i was also drunk. Second time he approached me and hugged me and he was straight , third time it was more physical but no sex. My mate knows about the 1st occasion and i admitted to her , i dont no how to tell her the most recent. She says shes over him yet im not sure , at the same time i question myself if he does accutally take interest in me and likes me ? but its like for something so wrong , he makes it feel right? And NO i am not a wh*re or sl*t. !Your Bestfriend's Ex?
I think you shouldn't get with him especially if you are not sure if she is over him yet. Even she wasn't, it is only going to ruin your relationship with her. Imagine your best friend dating your ex. You will always wonder if they ever talk about you, what are they saying, etc. And then, if you and her ex get really close and have to spend time together-all 3 of you-it might get really awkward. Unless you are desperately in love with him, don't take that road. If you are, the first step you should take is tell her about what happened and have a very serious conversation with her. From the tone of her voice and the way she speaks about that-even if she conceals any emotions-you will know how she feels about it. If you are best friends, and you do not want to jeopardize your relationship, your first concern should be HER. Hope this helps:)Your Bestfriend's Ex?
if you think ur bestfriend doesn't seem to be okay with it, then don't, otherwise, do it if u're also okay with it
I don't think is ok.Imagine how would you feel if she had done the same thing to you.

I would also forgive you the 1st time,like she did,'cause I don't think is your fault.But the two others....come on,you're not that stupid.

Perhaps you kind a like him,but you won't admit?

Who broke up with who?

If your friend got dumped,maybe it actually happened because her ex liked you.It's not your fault and there's nothing you can do about that.Except not making it more complicated than it already is.

You can hurt her feelings and lose a friend.

How close you two are?Does it wort to lose all that because of a relationship with a boy who's playing with you?(he does for now)

There is also an another question:Is he trying to make your friend jealous,or trying to hurt her because he already feels hurt?In that case,you're just his puppet.

And think about how you feel.

I don't know the answers,cause I'm not there and I can't really feel the whole situation.About telling your friend...well,I was in a similar situation, and I tried to be honest,even if nothing between us happened,he was just trying to become my boyfriend,but my friend was totally jealous,and she made a hell of my life....but after that I realized she wasn't a real friend at all....seems to me that yours is different(1st situation).

Think about what you'll do,but think well.I know it's not easy.

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