Monday, August 16, 2010

How do you get your ex to talk to you?

He just looks away, if I ever look at him, he didn't turn up to my best mates party last weekend (instead he was on facebook) and the last time I texted him was over a month ago. I just can't stop thinking of him.. I really like him and it's probably a mistake but how do I get him to achknowledge me again? Even if its as a friend?

(By the way he broke up with me because it wasn't right :(?How do you get your ex to talk to you?
You don't. He's your ex and you don't need to get involved with him at all. Move on, and once he realizes you feel nothing towards him, he'll come back to you.

Good LuckHow do you get your ex to talk to you?
i was the same problem like girlfriend broke up with me and i was have to get her back..i asked my friend and he gave me some guide thats very helped me.

now my ';ex-girlfriend'; is my girlfriend till now...i hope this guide will help you too...anyway, they promise thats if your ex will not back to you withing 60 days they will give you back your money.

for more details:

wish to you goodluck
Dear Jess,

I'm sorry your ex has treated you this way. But if you really

want him to come back to you, I can share this trick with you.

It's very simple, STOP calling or text him or ask him out for 1 month.

ok, you might say ';Are you crazy?';

No, I'm not! i teach this trick to many people and most of

them got back their ex without begging or losing their mind.

During the 1 month period without your ex, you are suppose to live life at your best. Start going out with your friends and do activities which you done before having your boyfriend.

You need to show to your ex boyfriend that you can live a better life without him and this will make him feels he's losing something and before he knew it, he will want to come back to you.

Of course, you need to have a strategy in place and execute it

step by step, otherwise you will lose your ex boyfriend for good.
Sweetie, he does NOT want YOU, okay..Seriously, just leave him alone before you get your feelings hurt..

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