Monday, August 16, 2010

How to know if your ex still loves and wants you....?

Me and my boo were together since 11/22/08 We recently broke up cuz of r constant arguing about little stuff. We still get intimate when we c eachother and he even tells me he still is in love with me and loves me bt doesnt wanna be wit me. I try to not act so sprung bt i cnt help it. What shud we do?How to know if your ex still loves and wants you....?
he only wants you for the physical, intimate part. he makes it less obvious when he says he ';still loves you';. you're BROKEN UP. you arent together anymore, both of you need to move on, for all you know he's probably seeing someone else. the more you spend time with each other the more likely you'll get back those old feelings ..but knowing the fact that he DOESNT even want to be with you, you are only setting yourself for heartache and major disappointment. be friends- act like friends - nothing more. nothing less.How to know if your ex still loves and wants you....?
why buy the cow when you can get the milk free?

He doesnt wanna be with you anymore, but he's still getting some sex from you, which is a win-win situation until he finds someone else then he will move on.

Whatever decision you take now is up to you. if you r fine with the sex, then keep it up, but id advice you also start looking elsewhere for a nice guy cause this one wont get back with you
time heals everything and he's not coming back to you. make him feel the pain. make him jealous(sorry, but i'm going through a similar situation. i suggest you don't take my advice except the next part). make sure he understands what broken up means. put that in his face no more intimacy. show him that there is more guys on earth than him.
He just wants to be with you but not give up his other girls too.

Let him go sweetie and look hot each and every day, but tell him NO.
the truth? he just wants his cake and eat it, dont be so weak and tell him no, then you will know if he truly loves you. good luck
Stop taking his calls, unless you are happy just being a booty call.

Get a hobby, spend time with friends, and forget about him.
Good cowgirls keep their calves together.
they dont thats why you broke up
Do you like him back? Let your heart guide you.
stop having sex with him and date someone else
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