Monday, August 16, 2010

How do you remain friends with your ex?

We both want to remain friends. i thought i was moving on fairly well, but for some reason 3 months later it just hit me again with all this new anger that was either very well buried or brand new. It was an amicable break up - no ones fault. We both said we'd stay friends but i am so angry now and i don't even know why. How do i get past it and be able to remain true to my word to stay friends?How do you remain friends with your ex?
I WORK with my ex and we broke up 4... Almost 5 months ago. Already dating a new girl seriously. S*x and all. During lunch they make out because she lives close to our office. It sucks but it's something you have to just deal with. Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. But I still continue to be friends because they truly are a good person... People just aren't meant to be. And the anger will come and go maybe you should talk it out.How do you remain friends with your ex?
You don't. That's why they are your X. There will always be something coming up, and time will heal it. It is still recent and there will be anger at the guy, and the situation, and just sometimes for no reason at all.

How to deal with it? Realize that there is a tomorrow, and that things will change. You have to forgive yourself AND your X before you can really move on with new hope. Sounds corney and not what you want to hear, but IMHO it's true.
Well to put it bluntly, you don't. Either there will be things in the past you won't be able to let go because of the frequency of contact, or your new beau will be jealous that you are friends with your ex, or you might accidentally become friends with benefits... all kinds of screwy things happen. I personally am NOT friends with my recent ex, in fact, I refuse to even look him in the eye. I still care about him, and I don't know when I'll stop, but it's just my way of dealing with not being with him anymore. Ours was a pretty bad breakup too, he was very neglectful near the end, then he didn't talk to me, so I called things off with him through a cell phone text. It was while I was 200 miles away in the hospital visiting my sick niece who almost died, he didn't even seem to care what I was going through. Bleh... I just really wish he wasn't such a jerk.

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