Monday, August 16, 2010

What if you got together with your ex after 2 years of not seeing him?

I havent seen my ex boyfriend sean in 2 years. We went together for about a week, and broke up because he was cheating on me. After 2 years i figured you know that he would change and I would give him a second chance. Well i did give him a second chance and it blew up in my face. He hasnt changed he is talking to another girl when me and him are supposed to be together. He even asked me to marrry him. I dont know what to do.

Here is the conversation that we are having on AIM.

[08:08] Goddesangelz18: i dont know y i had sex with you

i didnt completely say yes to marrying you i had to think about that

i dont want to marry you sean.

if you loved me like you say you do

you would tell me the truth

i feel as though you are talking to other girls

what are you talking about? dont do what everyone else did to you?? what do you mean?

[08:11] seanliz123456: babe i love u im not talking to no other girls stop accusing me of that **** and omg u really pissed me of saying u dont kno y u had sex with me im done with u i thought u were the one for me it seams u r the one that cant trust **** i was siting here wating for the next time u come home so i can see u u dont understand how much i missed u and cared for u i got 1 question do u love me or not amanda

[08:15] Goddesangelz18: i did love you

im done with you sean

i cant trust you

i know you are talking to other girls

i have a feeling that you are

i dont know what to do or say anymore

i am done with relationships

[08:15] seanliz123456: u got me crying i did noting wrong to u

[08:16] Goddesangelz18: im sorry please dont cry

please tell me the truth

[08:17] seanliz123456: i got to go im done thanks for jsut leaving me for no ******* reason im blocking your sn dont im em no more i told u u could trust me and u cant so **** u amanda im done ill ******* kill my self u got me so upset saying u dont kno y u had sex with me and u did love me y is it every time i fall in love some one thinks im cheating im done amanda just leave me alone i hope u hear im dead

[08:23] Goddesangelz18: that is sooo pathetic sean

dont do something like that

i cant trust you

because of the **** you did when we were together before

why is it every time i fall in love with someone they either cheat on me or they realize that im not worth being with ,or they just dont care about me.

[08:26] seanliz123456: i doo care bout u u r the one who is paranoied im telling u the truth i love u and i want to be with u please stop it amanda i trust u y cant u trust me u and my cuz and his gf are the only friends i got left please dont leave me again amanda i cant stop crying i just hit the wall i think i broke my knuckle o well but babe u r the only one for me i wated 2 years to hear from u and i did and my heart became happy fro once even after all this that been going on in my life babe please trust me and i kno u love me

[08:29] Goddesangelz18: sean i dont know what to say

[08:30] seanliz123456: say somthing if u say no to me ill just leave u alone that night we spent together was the happiest time i had since i seen u 2 years ago

[08:31] Goddesangelz18: im really upset right now

i dont know what to say

i am literally in tears right now

What if you got together with your ex after 2 years of not seeing him?
I would say this is a lesson learned. I hope you aren't pregnant because that will really complicate this mess. Remember next time: Once a cheater, always a cheater. He is selfish and wants what he wants when he wants it. He tells you what you want to hear and you believe it. Leave him alone.What if you got together with your ex after 2 years of not seeing him?
honey, sorry to have to be real with u but he was your ex ! why would u sleep with him,,,worry about your kid

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