Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How long did it take YOU to truly get a peace of mind after YOUR divorce?

If you were the plaintiff did you back track for any reason?If you were the defendant are you suffering?How long did it take to get a peace of mind,or are you still waiting?Can you say your ex never cross your mind even if you are in love with someone else?How long did it take YOU to truly get a peace of mind after YOUR divorce?
Im sure it wont take long. I'll keep you informed.How long did it take YOU to truly get a peace of mind after YOUR divorce?
I found peace within a week after leaving. The divorce was just a formality 10 years later so I could remarry.

My husband's divorce was final three years ago. He won't have peace of mind until his youngest turns 18 (8 years to go). While he's no longer legally obligated to his ex wife she's still part of his life and will be until his kids are on thier own. As long as she's around, there will be no peace.
he walked out. he divorced me.

After one month of his leaving...the emotional chaos and turmoil he had kept the home in was finally gone..I was working and had full custody both physical %26amp; legal of the remaining minor kids (he didn't) want any responsibility for them at all) Finanically speaking it ws tough but oh so worth the PEACE of MIND.....and I re-married 10 years later, a few months after we had finally divorced.

I don't give him much thought at all...his emotional and towards the end, physical abuse killed anything I felt for him...and his total ignoring of the kids sealed the deal...all I feel is pity because he is alone now, even his own family can't take him, while the kids %26amp; I are happy %26amp; content with life. he's wasted his life, and trashed all his relationships.....sad, really.
About 23 seconds.

Now I realized that I would always have to deal with my ex's presence because we had a son together.

Last month, our son died of an accidental heroin overdose. As tragic as that is - and believe me, I wouldn't wish that on anyone - I now no longer have to be concerned with him ever, ever again.

And so, he has no reason to cross my mind.

I sleep very well now.
three years.

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