Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to tell if your ex is not over you even if they are with someone else?

my ex and i broke up 4 months ago i have to talk to him cause im pregnant with his kid. hes with another girl but just the other day he blabs about breaking up with his girlfriend i didnt mention anything about it what does that mean ??? why was he telling me about that....he tells me to move on but gets jelous when i mention another guy and i one time rushed him off the phone and he called back asking there i was going and with who ....is he like still not over me or something???hes never said anything like he was so i dont know help guy advice decode this for me...lol thanks much love DaNiHow to tell if your ex is not over you even if they are with someone else?
You didn't mention the ages of both of you, as this is a very important fact that is needed in order to give you an appropriate answer, but I will assume two answers, one that you are both under 18 and living in the U.S.A. and two, you are both over 18. He is over you, but is also using you to ease the breakup he had with his girlfriend. He has no intentions of being in your life. You have to tell your parents what happened and they will help you deal with this. There is nobody else that you need contact other than your parents as you are both under the age of 18. Your parents are responsible for your health and welfare, and it is they that need to give permission for anything you do regarding the pregnancy. This will not go away, so the sooner you talk with your parents, the longer time you may have to think about the course of action that will be decided upon. In the event you are older than 18, the father and you are responsible for the welfare of our child were it to be conceived and the father will have a financial responsibility to provide money to you to care for the child. This is what is called paternity, and paternity suits are filed by the mother against the father of the child to secure a court order dictating the father is to provide monthly support payments to you for the benefit of the child. This may be necessary for you to do were he not to take any fatherly responsibilities and stay with you and raise the child with you. This is the consequence of him not using a condom, and you not insisting he did or you not taking the pill or some other preventative measure to prevent a pregnancy. This will not be easy for either of you, and there is the chance that he will deny that he is the father. Were he to deny that he is the father, you will have more choices to make. Do you want to give birth to the child and keep it, raise it, and nurture it by yourself? Do you want to give birth to the child and keep it, raise it, and nurture it with the you and the father of the child? Do you want to give birth to the child and give it up for adoption? Do you want to tell him that he is the father? Do you want to go to court to secure a court order directing him to secure a paternity test and determine if he is or is not the father were he to deny he is the father? Your question is asking about his relationship with you and whether he is over you or not. Well, he is not over you because he got you pregnant and now he has a vested interest in the fetus that is in your womb. You are not addressing the pregnancy issue, and you should be because this is the main issue and not how he feels about you. The issue now is entirely on your pregnancy and not on how of if he feels anything about you. You are now in a position of responsibility and your welfare and the welfare of the unborn fetus needs to come first over anything else. I am a guy, and I am over the age of 60. You are going to be making decisions soon that will take careful consideration and thought regarding the present and the future of you, the unborn fetus and the father of the child that are all life changing events. This will not go away, and the sooner you start working on resolving the decision you and your ex boyfriend made by having unprotected sex, the sooner you will have to make plans for what you are going to do. I am not judging you, but rather, I am trying to give you the facts and help you with this, as it is going to be very difficult for you. Good luck to you and to your unborn fetus.How to tell if your ex is not over you even if they are with someone else?
i think he still love you... well, when he says that he want to break up with his girl, tell him to go ahead instead of just saying it. and if you still love him, show it. come on, you guy have a kid together almost...
no offence but get over yourself, he's with an other girl OBVIOUSLY he's over you if he's with an other girl. lmao girls like you are crazy ';psycho chicks'; think they are the centre of everyones mind...
In this world there are boys who look like men and there are real men who don't have to pretend that they are either boys or men. That guy is not only immature but very irresponsible, to get you pregnant and then dump you for someone else and when that someone else breaks from him or they end their relationship,, he comes back to you and then wants you back. Really the nerve of that guy. Is that the kind of person, and again, I would not even consider him a man, any fool can father a child but not every man can be a father and he is a fool and certainly not a father.. You are doing the right thing to avoid him. I must be very hard on you to be carrying his child,, I truly feel bad for women who go through that so much , now even more than in the past and why,, ? because they get hooked up with worthless poor excuses of men. I wish you all the luck , because you are going to need it. And in the future,, you really need to stay away from useless immature cowards, such as the one who you say is jealous of you,, or with you, and he helped you get into that mess. But then, it takes two , so you are equally responsible for being pregnant. God help the child.
Its really hard, Im sure he is not over you, or you guys would not be talking. But right now the ball is in his court. 1 he has a girl friend 2 he can talk to you when ever he wants 3 you do not have a boy friend. This is what you need to do. If you want him back, 1 stop talking to him so much, make him think you have moved on and 2 start dating a new guy. If he is still in love with you he will break up with his ex's and come running back to you. If he is over you then he will just let you date other people.

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