Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When a break is so bad that you can not even move on as a friend because your ex has done things to hurt you?

Is there ever a chance that you would consider being friends later in life like 5 or 10 years later? My ex girl friend and I have dated for 2 years it was to the point in our lives I thought we wanted to live together but she had a diffrent agenda. I found out she cheated on me and said I would get over her however a month later I returned her phone call and she acted funny saying I was harrassing her and she was over me and engaged and if I called her phone again she would call the cops. 2 weeks later she tried calling my job to get me fired its been 6 months since than and in the last few days she has been asking a friend of both of ours about me and wanting to know how to get in touch with me. I don't think based on the way she treated me the last time we talked that we could ever even be friends oh by the way she does drugs and lives for getting high almost every day and do you think im wrong to not look back and keep moving on without her in my life. It does hurt all the time wasted what do yall thinkWhen a break is so bad that you can not even move on as a friend because your ex has done things to hurt you?
your ex is messed up!!!!!!!!!! she needs HELP!!!!!!!

Look for other people to be with...someone who really truly does indeed care about you...that's what's most important....

Good Luck!!! :-)

P.S. Stay away from her......................When a break is so bad that you can not even move on as a friend because your ex has done things to hurt you?
You d be surprised what time can do. I would just move on. If she called your work trying to get you fired and threatened to call the cops then she has a problem not you. Move on!
You really need to PIHB.
I';m sorry man, but DO NOT TALK TO HER, she is CRAZY. I know it hurts, but time does heal wounds, and hopefully you'll meet a girl who isn't one of those evil things. MOVE ON, HELL RUN, RUN, RUN, DO NOT LOOK BACK. You do not want a crazy druggie. Be better than that, and you're worth more than that crap. Only self obsessed assholes deserve those women.
my question to you is... even 5-10 years later, why would you want to be freinds w/ this person? she sounds kinda psycho.

but, if you just want an answer... no. I, personally, don't think people can/should ever be friends after they date, because it's kind of regressing the relationship. but, if you want an optimistic answer w/ a plan on how to be her friend 5-10 years later, then here it is:

Yes, of course you can be friends... first, decide how long is long enough, 5 or 10? I'll split it for the sake of simplicity... 7.5 years from now, give her a call, say you ran across her in facebook/myspace/you saw her mom/whatever (just something that made you suddenly think of her). but not before then. and ask if she wants coffee/a drink.

good luck
what sucks is you feel like you've wasted the time (been there)

A buddy of mine ';dated'; for like two years - they were going to get married

When I saw him in the store he said they had broken up and he called it a ';learning experience';

chalk that time up to learning AND TURN AWAY

the hard thing to do is forgive her - grit your teeth and do it (you don't have to say a word to her to do that) - but don't have a THING to do with her anymore

if you do, that growing feeling of stiffness you'll feel is your slow death
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