Monday, August 16, 2010

Ladies how would you finish your ex boyfriend?

If you both in a wrestling ring and it was live on TV in front of everyone in the world. And you had beaten him up really bad, and you had to finish him off with a 'finishing move'.

What would it be ? (It could be anything in the world, even one from a video game)

And when he's finished what would be your win pose for the cameras ?

All in fun, lol see what answers we getLadies how would you finish your ex boyfriend?
Maybe you remember the Mortal Kombat games but I would use the move were you rip the head and spine right out of the guy. Yeah, I know I'm sick and twisted but he was and is still nothing but a GIANT headache. My pose would be the one finger salute with a huge smile.Ladies how would you finish your ex boyfriend?
My finishing move on my ex would be castration, followed by me smiling, standing with my foot on his chest, throwing his ';manhood'; to the crowd! I would then look down at him, blow him a kiss, and laugh in his cheating, lying face. I HATE cheaters and liars!
I'd do that jump elbow body slam all the wrestlers do, then hit him with a chair, throw his limp body over the side of the ring and turn to the audience and do ramdom muscle poses and a few kisses to my ';guns';.
Hummm. Kick in the balls.. then I would rip his heart out and eat it.

Then I would take a baseball bat and shove it up his rear end until I could not see it anymore.

The my finishing move would be to moon the camera :o)
lol i couldnt be that cruel.

However i would probably copy that move off the karate kid! where his arms are raised and he does a high kick.

I would then pose by licking my finger touching my *** and say ';ssssssss hot!!!';
He would be on his knees wobblingg and I would fart in his face to knock him over.

my winning pose would be me filing my nails
Id Jump on him wrap my legs around his neck slam him and then kick him where it REALLY HURTS REALLY BAD!! AHEHEHE


my winning pose would be a marilyn monroe kiss and then peace sign!! hell yea
I would RKO or Pedigree him, lolss.

Then I would pose like Maria's entrance from WWE, the kissing thing that she does =)
I would de-pants him so everyone could see just how small he really is...
Kick him where it counts and stand on him in the 'Captain Morgan' stance !
jump from the cords and elbow his balls

im still thinking of a win pose
Kick to the knackers!!!
What kind of women do you hang out with?
roundabout kick then i would throw up a peace sign
can guys get in on this? i would finish my ex girlfriend off by spanking her
I don't have a problem with my ex..

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