Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How would you react if your ex asked you.............??

If you and your partner broke up and they asked you to have sex with them even though you are not going to get back together. How would you react. Would you do it? Would you be mad? What would you say to them?How would you react if your ex asked you.............??
When I moved out from my ex I went back to his house to collect a few things and he did asked me to have sex. I told him that he was being disrespectful. I told him that he was using me for his own satisfaction and didn't really care about me. I was angry that he thought so little of me to even ask.How would you react if your ex asked you.............??
i would be pissed and slap him across his mother ******* face. damn how much nerve does this *** whole have to even ask something like that after a break up. SORRY THAT HE CANT GET *** AND THAT HE HAS TO TURN TO YOU TO PLEASE HIS DUM ***. if u had sex with him after that. then girl ur one heck of an idiot.
a........two guys and a girl...may women dream of this...Do you want to do this ?? I'm a guy so if a girl say this to me, and wants to have sex with me and my ex..I would do it..

I would tell them to plan the date...and time to get it on..
Well i'd say no because I never had sex with mine in the first place but if you two were really close and had sex before then I'd say go for it.

Because you sound in serious contemplation about it anyway and whats better then a friend with benefits
Don't get used like a toy. I wouldn't do it, and I would be upset. He is your ex for a reason. I would probably tell him to handle his sexual urges on his own. You shouldn't want to become a booty call. I rather be respected, and not seen as easy.
depends on your feeling of sex outside a relationship and all that.

i wuld prob use a few choice words to explain how nasty that is, and how i'm not just something to use for their sexual pleasure..
I would say NO way,to my ex from years ago,she didn't want it much back then so why give her the pleasure now! If my wife i have now was to break it off i might consider it !
I wouldnt do it thats fer sher.

it would make no sense whatsoever.
it basically means, he wants to use you for sex, ive been there done that, i advise you strongly not to go there.. you'll get hurt!
I would not be mad, I would just say no. What's the point? It will probably end up hurting one or both of you. Keep in mind he is YOUR EX for a reason, honey!
I was in this situation 4 years ago. And I told ';No';. Because it was the only to make a clean break of the relationship.
I would be shocked and think hes a desperate fool. I wouldn't do it, although i wouldn't be mad boys will be boys. I would say no we aren't even going out anymore!
I would want to choke them to death and bury them in the woods--but in reality i would tell them off BIG TIME!!
lol hmm what would i do....well 1st i would deff say NO then i would ask what was he thinking...then i would probably never speak to that person for a while
I would laugh at them and no I would not sleep with them.
I'd be mad a yell at him then beat him up... We're broken up...
I would tell him hell no and to get lost
Take a hike!
I would tell him to fcuk off.

Because he was a dick to me.

I would tell them to get lost!!!!!
No, I wouldn't do it. I have more respect for myself than to let someone just use me like that.
depends on what kind of relationship it was to begin with
if you want to do it wear a condom she could be out tere to give u hiv or aids... not really but be safe
id say go **** yourself
if his good at bed then hell yeah why not

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