Monday, August 16, 2010

Please some help ladies. Ex girlfriend doin some strange stuff ?

Ok, mid summer me and my gf were forced to break up because of parent issues. they found out we had tried a few things if you know what i mean. So they forced her and fed her all this crap about me to make her move on and put any feelings she had for me behind her. Now, we only talk online every now and then. And her parents really do not like me up to this point.

Since then, shes been just mean and nasty to me and no talking. But since about three weeks ago, shes completely flipped. Shes nice, talking to me online, texting me, and not being mean. Also saying if i miss her, i can look at her senior pics on photobucket if it'll make me feel better. Shes been with this new guy for like a month now to.

Well last night online, she asked me a very weird question. Out of nowhere, '; If i was hospitalized, what would you do? . What if there was something wrong with me?. Even if my parents were there?. She has this thing wrong with her chest, like if she eats to many sweets it starts to hurt. Thats what she has to have checked out cause its getting worse.

K so, that really scared me so i asked her about it the next day. She just kept sayin it was just a question. So i explained you know its weird to ask your ex bf that your not even suppose to be talking ot that type of question. And when i asked, only her bf knows about it. So it was just really odd to me. Then she didnt know what to say so she said, omg get over, i'm so glad your not with me, your so annoying, then she blocked me. Then i texted her about running and hiding and she didnt get mad.

Whats up with this? I';ve been not talking to her like she said to, and she just starts it. She shouldnt be usin me cause she has plenty of other people that can make her feel happy. But she just go so quiet when i explained how much it hurt me thinking about something bad happening to her. What do i do? I knwo i should just forget her but i cant. I';ve been trying for 3 months with friends and different girls. I love her and care for her, but part of me wishes i didnt . ]:Please some help ladies. Ex girlfriend doin some strange stuff ?
I'm sorry you are finding it difficult to get over this girl, heartache can be the worst sort of pain.

Its a shame that her parents have been like this over you two, my mum was exactly the same over my boyfriend when I was 16 (he is my husband now), she was even miserable at our wedding as she did not want it to go ahead. BUT - I knew I really wanted to be with him so I did not listen to anything my mum said, and I was willing to risk severing all contact with her to get the husband that I wanted. What I guess I'm trying to say is if she knew truly in her heart that she wanted to be with you, she would not have let her mum brainwash her into splitting up with you.

Maybe she is unhappy with her new man and text you to see what your response would be about her going in to hospital, to try and reassure herself that there was someone still out there that cared for her. Perhaps low self-esteem comes into play here.

But the text saying that she is glad you are not with her seems shallow and childish, I would never talk to someone I truly cared for in that way.

You sound like a decent chap who deserves better, so try your best to put it behind you and concentrate on the future. I know it can be awful thinking about her, but you have to remind yourself that she doesnt feel the same way about you and therefore doesnt deserve you.

It will take time but eventually you will find it in yourself to move on and be happy.

All the best :)Please some help ladies. Ex girlfriend doin some strange stuff ?
well, i know it is hard to believe, but time will heel this wound. Time heels all wounds. She has moved on it seems. But, women in general, are a little wishy washy at times. I know, I am one. lol. Our brain works differently then a boys. Just give it sometime. Try to set her free and if she comes back it was meant to be, if not it was never meant to be.
I'm sorry you have had to deal with this. Let me be straight with you: she is leading you on and playing games with your head. Basically, what it seems like to me, is that she was asking you in a roundabout way how much you really care about her. This is called a mind game, and it's an extremely unhealthy way to try and get someone's attention.

The best thing to do with people like her is to just simply not respond. If she asked you not to talk to her, then don't talk to her. If she tries to communicate with you, tell her you're not interested in talking with her anymore.

The best thing to do with this situation is to remove yourself from it completely. Hun, it may hurt to hear this, but she is only using you for attention. When you don't say what she wants to hear, she gets pissed off and blocks you. She only wants to communicate with you if you are saying and doing exactly what she wants you to say or do. Don't let her waste one more second of your life. Go out! Have fun! Meet other girls! You'll feel much better when you wash your hands clean of this situation.

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