Monday, August 16, 2010

Is your ex as horrible as mine?

Today was my two year anniversary at my job and the people there threw me a little party. It was so nice -- I got a few presents and everyone was really nice. even the people that couldn't be there sent cards. Even my ex-fiance -- I was shocked when I saw a card from him. We has a very ugly break-up and I was so happy to see he actually still cared enough to buy me a card. It was one of those voice cards that you record your own message on. When I played the message, here's what it said, ';just wanted you to know how much I care about you, babe....';, then he farted, long and loud and followed that up with a disgusting belch. I was so hurt that I started crying right there and sobbed for over an hour in the parking lot. How can anyone, even that sack of s**t, be so hateful?? I'll tell you one thing, I'll get even with that smelly, scrawny jack-a** if it's the last thing I do! Him and his vienna -sausage sized skin flute and his rotten feet and bad breath. Has anyone else had an ex like this??Is your ex as horrible as mine?
I feel the same way about my exes even though they have never done anything like that. I wouldnt let it get to me so much. He is a disgusting pig and you should be rejoicing that he isnt your problem anymoreIs your ex as horrible as mine?
Sorry to hear your sad tale. I hope you can leave him, move on with your life and never look back.
you had an anniversary party at your job? wtf?... who has job anniversaries? thats really strange.
There is no way possible that I can get mad at a man that will send someone a greeting card with a recording of his fart and burp.

All hail this man's man.
The guy's a pig, don't waste your tears on the ******.
Good Luck getting even with THAT! LOL!

He sent you a card.

Whats yer *****?

You should forgive him becuse he sounds nice!
damn thats ****** sucks....i would go get some1 to go kick his azz
ugh. why would he go through all that just to be a d*ck...

my ex is also douchy..i wont get into specifics
my ex smashed my face in...cracked my jaw and gave me stitches.
What he id was very mean. But I apologize when I say I did have to laugh. And your insults were classic. I dont have any ideas of how you could get him back. I guess whenever he gets a girl, find a way to meet up with her and let her listen to the card and warn her thatthis is what she is getting into. Then give her a can of the vienna sausages and tell her to get used to dealing with that size weinie and enjoy her Thats best I would be able to think of.
Wow...sobbing in the parking lot!!! He's lucky he's not my ex and did that to me.....OOOO I would have strutted my butt to where ever that mother ****** was and took his skin flute ripped it off and shoved it up his a**!!!! I'm sorry but I don't care who you are but nobody should be disrespected like that!!! I don't put up with it at all and it makes me so friggin angry to hear about it!!!! I always go by the saying

you don't have to love me

you don't have to like me

but you will respect me!!!!

I'm so sorry your ex is a real immature scum bag but don't let him get to you that's exactly what he wants!! He wants to see you miserable..I bet you he was behind the bushes somewhere laughing at you!!!

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