Monday, August 16, 2010

What are some easy tips for getting over your ex?

I am still in love with my ex even though he cheated on me. According to him he didn't but two girls wouldn't be messaging me saying he did. He admitted to half of it so why would they lie? He has cheated before and I just want to get over him. I don't know how to get over him when all I can do is think about him. He lives three hours away so I guess it will be a little easier. Any simple tips? I have tried breaking up with him before but I can't help but answer his calls. Or listen to what he has to say.What are some easy tips for getting over your ex?
Spend more time with your friends doing things to keep your mind off him, and before you know it he should fade to the backgroundWhat are some easy tips for getting over your ex?
try to spend more time with your,sis,dad,bro.Or look for a new guy who will love you better and wll not cheat on you
give it some time only time heal all the wounds when some time will pass by day by day and you will forget about him
You should write down all the ros and cons of being with him. No one should get messages from others saying they are messing around with their partner. Or invest more time in things you like to do hopefully it will take your mind off of him.
Put on your freakum dress and hang at a bar where he usually chills. Dance with every man in the bar and fu*k his BEST friend at the end of the night.

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