Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What do you do when your ex is so obsessed with you he even cheks out your Q&A on Yahoo Answers?

Yup, I found out he checked out my whole history of Q%26amp;A's recently, all the post about every topic, from oral sex to mascara that I've been posting since May probably?

I'm sick and tired of this, it's been a year and a couple of moths since we broke up... Why can't he get over it?! I tried to stay friends but this is absurd. This sh*t REALLY creeps me out! I hate feeling watched and stalked. How can I deal with this?

By the way, I've never given him any indication that I want to get back with him...EVER. I don't know if I even want him as a friend anymore. I just want him to stop bothering me!!! He still calls my house, my cell, my job, IM's me and emails me. STOP!

Honestly I feel raped! What can I do?What do you do when your ex is so obsessed with you he even cheks out your Q%26amp;A on Yahoo Answers?
Whoa. First of all, do NOT try and remain friends with this freak. Even though you think you have not given him any indications, if he is really obsessed with you, the fact that you are still talking to him means that he thinks he still has a chance. Once the ';friendship'; is over the fascination with you will eventually pass. I wouldn't be overly upset by his checking your yahoo Q%26amp;A, but the calls have to stop. After you have a short conversation with him to explain that you do not want to remain friends anymore (you do NOT OWE HIM any reasons for this), if he calls, do not let him speak, just say (even over him if need be) that you do not want to talk to him and hang up the phone. Do not respond to his emails, in fact you may want to tell yahoo that he is spam, and remove him from your IM or even better block him. If you truly feel he is stalking you or watching you, there is a bigger problem that you need to deal with. I would suggest contacting the local police or battered woman group(not that you are battered) for advice there. He will be pissed off and say all sorts of stupid crap for a while, but it will die down eventually. On the plus side, take the ego boost for being hard to get over! :)What do you do when your ex is so obsessed with you he even cheks out your Q%26amp;A on Yahoo Answers?
Be incredibly firm with him and tell him to stay away from you. You're right, it's getting excessive, and if it doesn't stop, then you should probably contact the police and/or file a restraining order of sorts.
well...it does seem that he's become somewhat of a stalker. Unfortunately it may not be something you can stop unless you change all of your information. Change your email, phone, IM etc. and make sure that you make it clear to your friends so that they don't inadvertantly give him your information. If that doesn't work, or he goes even further, definetely contact the police, especially if you feel threatened by him.
You need to contact him one more time. You have to tell him that if he contacts you again, you will contact the police and get an injunction. Tape this call and tell him you are taping it. You should also change your email, Yahoo ID, call phone and everything else. I think you are right to be worried. He is obsessed with you, and not in a good way, more in a scary stalker type way. You need to lay the groundwork for future legal action, should it become necessary. PS: You went out with the guy; what gives?
dump him
Do you want me to respond so he can read this?? email me= I can give you advice here, but he will read it=D
Get a restraining order ??

Ignore him and don't pay attention of what he checks.

Tell your friends that you don't want to hear about what he does.

If you are truely stalked.... then get a restraining order against him.

I would suggest you stop all internet activity until he is bored of watching for you. Otherwise, just ignore him and he will find someone else to focus on.

You might be making a big deal out of nothing.
talk to the authorities about the possibility of getting a restraining order from him. you don't have to wait for him to do something physical to you. coz if you wait, chances are he's already on the verge of doing that. this behavior has gone for more than a year already. in any psych book, it takes a year for a person to get over something bad that has happened. this means that since your ex has clearly not gotten over you, even after a year, then he might have gone bonkers already. so, try to get a restraining order. if you can't though, at least the authorities already have a background on your ex. g'luck.
If you got prove that he has been doing those things, time to go to the Cops and get a Court order for him to stay away., And move to a different part of town. and get Different Web site.
Change your nickname immediately!!!! Change yr email, IM, etc.!!!!
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