Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Based on your feelings, how will this marriage be?

LADIES: please be honest with your answers, what you truly think.

Lets say you get married to a guy right after breaking off a long relationship with another guy. Everyone knows it was a rebound, your friends, your family, even your EX tell you not to get married (your ex actually begs you to marry him instead but you say no) to this new guy, that it is so soon, that you still have feelings for your ex, that you should wait. You dont listen to them and marry this other guy. Your husband treats you very well and he loves you, HOWEVER you know in your heart that your heart is still with your ex. The prob is that you dont trust your ex to marry you if you got divorced, you think he is immature. IF you could trust your ex to marry you, then you WOULD get divorced. Therefore, you have decided to accept your situation and your marraige. KNowing how you feel how will this marriage work?Based on your feelings, how will this marriage be?
You should use names. I'm all confused now. If both people want the marriage to work, it'll work.Based on your feelings, how will this marriage be?
The current marriage has more potential to work out longer than a remarriage with the EX. Even if the woman was convinced the ex would marry her, chances are, that remarriage wouldn't work out at all. There was a very good reason why the first marriage ended. And, there's a very good reason why there's a lack of trust. The lady would be a complete idiot if she divorced one man to remarry another man (under any circumstances).
Love is not a feeling. Love is a choice. You promised to love your husband now do it. You once loved your ex also but you are not committed to him now.

You cannot waffle back and forth even if you were sure your ex would marry you if you divorced.

There was some reason you married your husband. Focus on that and on him. Be the wife he needs and wants. Have amazing crazy sex with the husband.

Give to him what you need in the relationship and it will come back to you.
Nope it will never work. The woman is always going to have her ex in her mind and wonder how thing could have been. Down the raod, if she gets closure, it may help the marriage but the man shouldn't want to be married to someone who just married him because she wasn't sure her ex would. Sounds like she needs to grow up.
';I don't care what you say anymore, this is my life. Go ahead with your own life, leave me alone.'; Great Billy Joel song you should make your mantra.

I answered this same question reworded last week. Lay the brown stuff in the chair of contemplation or get off it!!!

You are an adult, you don't need to search for anyone that agrees or disagrees with you. You choose and stand by your decision!!!
not at all times are we unhappy when we are with someone that we don't really love that much because they are the ones that actually shows more respect that the ones that we really love,if u are able to appreciate that this man is treating u right and giving u what u need then why not give it a try because it could work,because it does sound like ur ex is a piece of work as well.so it really depends on u to make it work.
I'd have to focus on the marriage. The ex and I would have broken up for a reason, and if there were already trust issues--why go back and just borrow more trouble? Marriage is a commitment and it is to be taken seriously.
you can't marry a guy you seem to say you haven't known for a while. Don't rush into marrriage take joy in dating. Move in together and see how that works. Take your time my parents didn't and now they are misserably divorced.
It won't work from my opinion. If you still love someone else, and are married, you shouldn't have ruined the new guys life! You are going to hurt your husband, and even yourself. Your ex most likely won't marry you now.
The ex is mentioned more in this discription than the current guy. In my opinion this person isn't ready for either guy. Way too much drama and confusion. She should be a woman and go find herself first.
Well, if you accepted the marriage then you can only hope it works out. What part do you take in all this?
It sounds like the marriage is getting off on the wrong foot, but you are only describing one side of the story.
You already made your decision. You should try to make this marraige work. Ex's are ex's for a reason.
i don't think i would have got married ......i would have waited
You already have a good life in front of you, why would you like to ruin it? Its natural that you stll have feelings for your ex bcoz you've been with him for a long time. But if you will just give yourself a chance to move on by giving your husband a space to your heart, sooner or later, that confusion will disappear. Like you said, he treats you well and loves you. What made you think, you will get the same treatment to your ex? People tend not to see what's best in front of him/her when she/he try to focus on something that's complicated. You have already given yourself the time and effort to love that person and obviouslym didn't work out. Now, you have agood husband that loves you. You maybe thinking you love your ex more than your husband because you are more focus with your old feeling with him than building a relationship with your husband. Take a shot with your husband. You would probably find the real happiness you've been looking for. Goodluck

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