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What do you do when your ex wont let you have contact with your kids even though its in our divorce that i can

i am supposed to have my kids every other weekend and i have been sent to prison for non-criminal child support .since i've been out for 2 yrs now my ex still wont let me talk on the phone or even tell them i called .i've sent letters ,and cards just to find out they never even got them. i dont even know where they live . i feel like i had to pay for not doing what the court ordered so how come he doesntWhat do you do when your ex wont let you have contact with your kids even though its in our divorce that i can
iwould not pay the support then if she signs a complaint you can bring all this up.. that is all i can think of..What do you do when your ex wont let you have contact with your kids even though its in our divorce that i can
R u currently paying child support?
Get a lawyer! There is always a way to find them! Grandparents, aunts uncles etc...use the Internet....if they are out there and have a social security ( I mean your ex) then she and the kids can be found. I helped my neighbor track down his kids, we just went to her parents house on a holiday, she showed up and we followed her home!!!
You need to bring him back to court ASAP!
Well child support and visitation do NOT go hand in hand. Even if you are behind in child support, you still have a right to see your kids. However, I do suggest you start making extra payments of child support even if it鈥檚 an additional $5 a week. Anything鈥ut pay that child support!!

Lots of people feel just because someone stops child support it means they can stop them from seeing their kids. But again, that鈥檚 false information. Kids need the support financially and they also need to see their parents. So stopping one or both does NOT benefit the child in any way.

Get some legal aide or a lawyer if you feel you鈥檙e not seeing your kids like you鈥檙e supposed to. But again, not paying child support won鈥檛 help you in this matter. So I suggest you start getting a budget or a second job for more income and go from there.

It鈥檚 not easy, but if you want to prove the point of being a good Daddy, then start paying your child support!
The laws in each state are different so you need to speak to an attorney but it sounds like your ex is in violation of the court order and you have every right (and a resonsibility to your children) to go to court and force your ex to abide by the order. The order was ruled on by the judge to be in the best interests of the children and needs to be followed. Children need both parents (unless one or both parents are unfit and not paying child support is not the same as being unfit) You paying or not paying child support has nothing to do with visitation. It is, in every state I have seen, a completely seperate issue. It sounds like your ex is being vindictive and hurtful but unfortunately the children are the ones who suffer the most. You owe it to them to fight for their right to see you. If your ex can't do what is in the children's best interest because of anger towards you then maybe your ex is the one who is not fit to be the parent. Call a lawyer right away. if you can't afford one call your local Pro Bono Project or Legal Aid. But do something ASAP as the longer you wait the harder it will be on the children.
You need to see a lawyer ASAP. You have every right in the world to see your kids, and since it is in the divorce papers that you get them every other weekend, and your ex is refusing to let you see them, he is now in contempt of court. He is violating a COURT ORDER, and the law does not like that. Take his *** to court.
I agree go back to court and let the judge know you have not seen your children. Maybe he went to court while you were in prision and sole custody on the grounds of you abandoning them. You have been out of prison for 2 years and you have not beaten a dead horse to find your children??? Did you contact all of his family members???? I am sorry but I grew up knowing that my biological father was out in the world not giving a **** about me and the pain that it caused can not be erased by you sorry excuses. Find you kids even if it means searching every hosue in America one door at a time.
He does...especially if you take him back for violating the court order.

He will have to allow you to see the children if you file a motion to compel.

Get a lawyer...and seek out your rights.

He has to tell you where they live and allow visitation.
Because you are a bad mother. If he has rights to them you have done something very wrong. I agree it is wrong for him to keep them from you, but some how can't blame him. Courts are extremely favorable to mothers. What did you do to get them taken away?
I hope that you are about to be in your car and going down to the lawyers office. You want this to work take it to court. Child support and visitations are two different things.
If you are paying support now and are not on probation for any other crimes, and do not have any criminal cases pending, you file papers at your courthouse.

Where did you send the cards? Is it possible they never got them because you don't have an address to send them to?

Does your ex allow anyone in your family to have contact? Ask them what is going on.

Good Luck. My husband's boss was falsely accused of domestic against his soon to be ex, and she lied to the courts claiming that he was on drugs and drinking 24/7, so he only gets 2 supervised visits a month.

He also has to pay for weekly drug and alcohol tests, and he pays for a weekly batterer's course which he has to attend.

People are vicious when they break up. I hope you get a good lawyer. God Bless Your Kids!!!

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