Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What does it mean when your ex is still very angry with you?

Like he sees you with a new goodlooking, cool friend at a party and then tells your friend he barely knows that you are crazy and to stay away from you...then he calls your friend afterwards and tells her how you were crazy all the way with him while he was seeing you and that he wasn`t even your boyfriend and it was all your imagination, and how he is now happy that he finally got rid of you...gee...What does it mean when your ex is still very angry with you?
he's on crack. ......jus tell all ur friends that he's gay! heheheWhat does it mean when your ex is still very angry with you?
YEp you are just not good in bed thats the point.
Means he is learning about girls and how they have no honor at all.

Most of you are like rabbits expecting to be chased. We get tired of that dumb game.

Girls need to grow up and get some integrity.
It means he thinks your crazy or he wants other people to stay away from you for some other reason. It doesn't sound to me like he wants you back if that's what you were wondering. Just forget about him and go on with your life. You can do better than that.
Sounds like you and he had some tough times and he is having a hard time forgiving you and himself for those times.

There is thin line between love and hate - so be careful there. While he is this upset, it is best you are gracious and cool, but also neutral to show him you aren't being affected.

Good luck and stay kind to yourself and him.
it means you provoked him in some way
He's a psycho.......
your not good in bed
You have to pay for being crazy. As time goes on, it will pass, just stop being crazy with your boyfriends. Maybe you need to see a shrink and get medicated.
its bad
It means he is an insecure jerk who attempts to make himself feel better by putting others down and you are his latest target. It means he hasn't found a new girlfriend yet and is jealous that you are going ahead and living without him. Big shock. He just has very low self-esteem. Don't defend yourself. Just consider the source. He's wacked.
uh... he's jealous and bitter

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