Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do you get even everytime you see your ex?

When you see your ex do you try to rub it in there faces about how good your doing,or If your married and your husband or wife's ex,Do you tell them how good yall are doing and how happy you are?The reason I asked this is B/c My husbands ex girlfriend before we where married has tried so crazy stuff after we where married .she has given him cards at his work saying how much she wished it was her he would have married and that I should have stayed with my ex,And other childish stuff she has said..And b/c of this I feel every time I see her I have to tell her how good where doing And how we have a nice house and car.Oh yeah I failed to say that when My husband And I got married she was pregnant and she tried to say it was my husbands and It was not it was the guy she was with at the time.And she made her little comments about it being his making my Life a Living hell for that time..So now the tables have turned,So what would you do would you keep it up?Do you get even everytime you see your ex?
I would not lower myself to her standards. It is quit obvious that she's in-love with your husband. If your husband kept all these thing from you and didn't share the sort of behavior he in-counters with her I would say you have a problem. WIth him being so upfront and honest with you, I wouldn't let this bother me. When you see her I would casually speak and keep going. If she tries to make conversation I would keep it as simple as possible. She doesn't need to know any of your business! Remember kindness always kills....

This is just my opinion.Do you get even everytime you see your ex?
about the only time i wanted to rub it into my ex's face was when i was doing terrible.

now, only time i even remotely think about her is when someone here asks an 'ex' question.

and btw, your husband was banging that girl. don't take that lightly.
i wanted to be happier than him 4 sure n i dont hv to tell him on his face , actually it shows by ur face ur attitude n by urbehaviorr.so if ur doing good n happy shes seeing it on u.so dont worry shes watching all ur moves n knows where u r standing....be HAPPY.
she sounds immature and insecure about herself. she sees what u have and is angry its not with her. i suppose i might do the same thing but then u are putting yourself down to her level. your showing your own insecurity.
She's just upset she missed out on a guy she cares about. Don't feed in to her drama anymore; it's only prolonging her own healing process and she won't stop until you stop responding.
Get this b with an itch out of your life! Why are you still having any contact with her? Tell your husband to do the same and leave this situation alone. You are just giving her more power the way things are now.
I wouldn't. I wouldn't do anything to make an A** of myself infront of other people, it just shows how much of a _ _ _ _ _ you are. Just tell him or her that you're doing fine
When I first broke up, totally but now i really dont care. Sometimes I do hope i get married before him..but overall i dont care.
IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE.....ignore this wench to extinction....when she finally wakes up and realizes she can't get a reaction out of you maybe she'll move on with her life....it's sad ppl can be brought to such pathetic terms of existence
My ex never stopped loving me and I never stopped loving her so seeing her when I do is quite nice. We care about each other and revel in the joy that comes our way in the separate lives we now lead.
Nope because I got even by becoming wealthy after my divorce. My ex wife got hooked on crack. She now sells her body for a rock. That is the best revenge!
stay away from her and the immature drama! btw i think your hubby is leading her on. why else would she feel comfortable giving him cards at work like that
Yes, you should keep it up if you want to act like a child.
sounds like a soap opera, and I don't do soap operas
if i wre you just go up to her and tell it as it is in here face so she would shut up
No. I'm not a bratty child.
No. I wouldn't do anything like that, because I'm an adult.

I don't get high on making other people miserable about their situation, and if I'm in a better position than my ex-husband, I'm not going to rub it in his face because I don't take pleasure in other people's hurt.

You sound like a child. ';I'm better than you, No, I AM, no, My dad is stronger than you, HAH I got this toy and you don't';... Yeah. By the way, success in life isn't measure by the fact you have a house or a newer car. You can have all of those, but rubbing it in someone else's face will only make you out to be the resentful, jealous, insecure idiot that you sound to be.

Grow up. Adults should act like adults.
Nope. I'm an adult and I have moved on from past relationships.

Trying to ';get even'; just shows them you're not over them. In your situtation, you are so insecure about this woman that you feel the need to run how well you are doing in her face, even though she is clearly pathetic and not a threat to you.

Grow up...I had a crazy ex before I married my wife, who would call and text and facebook me and my wife off the hook, yet my wife was gracious, classy, and mature and just ignored it.

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