Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do you ever miss your ex best friend?

I am a woman and my ex best friend stabbed me in the back during my sophomore year of college. We were friends since elementary school. After several back stabbing things that had happened over the year, she finally did something so mean to me that I completely lost it on her and we both promptly cut all ties and our friends even took sides because they were too scared to be in middle ground (that's how bad the fight was, noone stayed neutral even though we didn't make them chose sides).

It's been almost 4 years and for some reason I still think about her all the time and wonder how she is doing. I ran into her 2 years ago in our hometown, but chose to say nothing to her and she did the same. I know I shouldn't care about her especially after she hurt me so much, but for some reason I still miss her. I have made a few friends since the incident but noone I can call a best friend that I have truly connected with.

Is it normal to miss your best friend, even if she totally wronged you? Does anyone else feel that way. I want to move on but I keep thinking about her and all my former friends that took her side and now hate me and I get so bummed out about it...but at the same time I don't want to reach out to her because I don't want to get back stabbed like that ever again and I know she is still hostile towards me. How do you move on from missing an ex best friend?Do you ever miss your ex best friend?
I felt the same way about one of my friends. We had a huge falling out our Senior year of high school and we didn't talk for 3 years. I thought about her all the time, and really missed how close we were and how much fun we had together. Eventually she sent me a message online and now we are hanging out like old times :)

You could try talking to her, if that doesn't work you have to deal with the fact that she might not want to ever be your friend again. I know that can be tough to handle. I hope that she will be receptive to you and that as adults you all can get pass this. If not then you will be fine there are always people that wil not want to be your ';friend'; GOOD LUCK!!!Do you ever miss your ex best friend?
it is normal to miss her because i lost a friend to and i still miss her but soon that feeling will go away it did for me but it just takes time
Yeah, all the time. I try to hang out with other friends, but especially new friends, because you often find new relationships with people you didn't even know were so cool! You should always be on the lookout for new friends! :)
if this incident was this bad as your saying then you should be thinking about her

but since you guys have been friends since elementary school then you should of dropped it
nope because i really hate my ex-bestfriend but it really depends who the person is i guess
Yes I had a best friend. We did everything together. We would hang out everyday! But she get me in trouble and sometimes she would do stuff that was mean. So I finally told her I didn't want to be friends. But now I miss her. I remember that she would help me with my homework and give me her clothes and this one time I forgot me gym stuff and I was worried that I would get points taken off my grade. And she did the nicest thing she gave me her gym stuff and lost the points herself. Maybe you should call your ex-best friend. ( if you still have her #) Ask hows she is doing. I might do the same with my ex-best friend.
Well, just pretend tat ur x-bff is dead. just think about how many times she backstabbed u and think about the times tat u helop her but in return, she hatez u. well in my opinion, i think tat it is normal to think about ur bff after they back-stabbed u. cuz i hav a friend. in 9th gr, her name waz Sadashya. she became friendz wit my other friend, Reana. So, after 10th gr, Reana talked mad shitz about Sadashya. But either way, she still followz Reana cuz she waz the 1st friend tat she ever trusted Even tho she noez that Reana is just using her. So, ur feelings towradz some1 who u reallie trusted will mostly likely nver change. But, i hope tat u can jsut think about the tiems tat ur friend back-stbabed u. Make anger build up. That way, u can hate and then, just forget about her someway. Don';t think about it cuz then u nver noe if she wud come back and stab u again. It hurtz alot. Especially getting stabbed by a person tat u hav known for yrs.
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