Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How often do you talk to your ex?

My ex broke up with me a little while ago. A couple of days latter she got a new boyfriend. They have been dating for a week. They say they love each other. But how often should your ex talk to you? She talks to me everyday. She will text me in the mornings or a little bit after she wakes up. A little bit after she gets out of class she will text me. We ushally talk untill she goes to sleep. She says that she wants to be close friends. She will stop texting me when she is with her boyfriend. But when they are done she will text me again and ushally ask what I was doing when she was gone. She tells me I should move on. And dosent know if we will get together again because she is with someone else right now. I made her promis to tell me the truth and not to lie to make me feel better so I belive she is telling the truth. Even if she has nothing to talk about she will ask what Im doing or something to keep the conversation going. She knows that I still love her. And says that I should move on so that I feel better. And says that we can hangout every so often so her boyfriend dosent get worried. I guess he gets worried easily. But how often should your ex contact you even if you are still friends? Does it mean anything if it is everyday like this? Or is she just being a friend? I also asked her if she wanted to keep me as a friend so if something happens with them Im still around. She said that is not it and she wants to be freidns because we were friends before we started dating. Some people told me that was a lie but I belive she is telling the truth. We dated for a year if you wanted to know.How often do you talk to your ex?
I only speak w/ one of my ex's. She and I have been separated for about 9 years now and we've talked w/ each other through out that time. In fact, I just spoke w/ her this morning.How often do you talk to your ex?
My ex boyfriend did the same thing to me and I had to tell him to stop. We were basically in a relationship without him being tied to me unlike her he didn't have a girlfriend, not that when he did that stopped him, but he was always telling me he loved me and eventually he did ask me back out and I turned him down of course. But my point is like him she's selfish she doesn't want you but she doesn't want you to get over her, if she cared remotely for the guy she was with now she would not be texting and calling you she doesn't want to be with you but she wants you to still want to be with her. She won't allow you to move on which is selfish and not the actions of someone who still cares about someone. Tell her that you need to get over her and that you need her to stop texting and calling you if she says okay and she respects that by not doing it than she doesn't care and you don't need her and if she says no, and that she doesn't see a point in it....she doesn't care and you don't need her. Either way she needs to be out of your life you need to move on why talk to someone who blatantly said they don't want to be with you? There are a million other girls out there and like you fell in love with her you can fall in love with someone else, believe me she's not the only baguette in the bread basket. Good luck with everything love and stay strong, the energy that you're putting into talking to her and loving her put that energy into yourself and doing what makes you happy.
if she has a BF you should have no contact with her

she gets her laughs from you but everything else including sex from him

dont call dont text ask for no contact so you can work on yourself

get to the gym work on your career

if you are truely the better man then this guy then she will be back for you
If she is in a relationship then he behavior is unaccetable. I don't talk to any of my exes because im in a relationship and i respect the person i'm with. It sounds to me like she just wants to keep you around because she likes the attention she gets from you. I say ignore her because she is only making it harder for you to move on.

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