Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Does it make a difference if your ex wants you even when he has a new girlfriend?

My ex and I broke up on bad terms, he's a flirt, and I can be a bit of a jealous girl. But, we still liked eachother other, continued the relationship for about a month, and lost contact for a month, then started seeing eachother for 2 months, then I found a new boyfriend. He would always tell me how much he likes me, even when I was with him, said it hurt to think of me with someone else, I ended up cheating, so we broke up. We saw eachother for the next month, but then he found a new girlfriend, and it turns out she's really dumb and he uses her for her parents house to live, their car, food etc he doesnt even like her, and thats not what he only tells me, all of his friends tell me the same. For my birthday, which is also his gf's, He picked me up, brought me to his house, we hooked up, then went to the mall to pick out her gift. so after that i felt bad and decided to stay away, until a few nights ago. He's been trying to get a hold of me for 2 weeks appearently? and he was saying all this stuff, really cute stuff. I get if hes trying to lead me on, but he has a gf ..he gets laid. So I dont get why he has to play with my head if he is. I do really like him still, but I don't know what I should think about this, he always comes back, but is that because he can, or wants to? Does it make a difference if your ex wants you even when he has a new girlfriend?
no. do not go back to him. this is a destructive relationship with no faith, trust, loyalty. If you have cheated on him and ur new bf, whats the guarantee that you can be faithful to him? and if hes cheating on his new gf, he will cheat on you. You need to be single for a while to figure out what your priorities in a relationship are and to grow up a little, learn how to appreciate something good when you have it and learn how to get out of something bad before it takes over your life.

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