Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to get even with your ex any suggestions?

When you try to get even, you are telling him that he has succeeded in hurting you. Forget him and let it go. Take no baggage with you Try to heal yourself from a bad past and move on with your life. When he sees how happy you are in the future with a new mate, that will be revenge enough . Trust me he will not be happy for you.How to get even with your ex any suggestions?
most likely ur ex still likes u....so make him jealousHow to get even with your ex any suggestions?
What did he do that you want to get even?
if he or she has a brother or sister sleep with them. that will get that damn ex.
I think that getting even will not do you any good. It seems as though you were hurt and want to hurt that person back.

Even if you do hurt them back you will still grieve the relationship and have to deal with a breakup.

I don't think its worth it, not worth your time and energy.
try making him jealous
kill him with kindness
well, I got revenge on my ex in two ways, I did not fight the fact that he ended up with a trashy sleazy whoring slutty home-wrecker, and then I found a good man and had kids by him
you shouldn't. you went out with him for a reason and broke up for a reason. Accept it!!
Kill em with kindness, it always help!!!!!!
buy a new car
Well it sometimes takes some effort to be the bigger person but if you do you'll feel a lot better about yourself in the long run. You don't want to meet the love of your life in the future and have him not interested in you because he finds out you stooped that low do you? Just think of things you like to do, join a class, meet new people, spend time nurturing YOU. Get a new hair do or a manicure or a new outfit/bike/cd, do whatever it takes to make yourself feel a little pampered. The best revenge is put some money in a savings account and invest in yourself, once you are on your way to being financialy independent and self sufficent the men won't leave you alone and you'll have your pick and you'll be left thinking hmmmm I wonder whatever happened to....what was his name again....? feels good doesn't it?
Take the high road and be a bigger person. Just remember that you cannot ever take anything back that you do or say.

How you feel about getting revenge now may not be how you would feel once time passes.

Let this part of your life go behind you and concentrate on moving yourself forward and making a better life for yourself. In the end you will be glad you did.
dont get even, just erase him out of your life
get even with my ex, why would I want to hold myself back?
be happy seek happiness... why would you waste your time in someone that was not really worth it.............??????/ kinda stupid right? its like crying over spilled milk........
Someone once said, ';Living well is the best revenge.';
I like the idea of finding happness.
ex b/f are meant to be that an ex why bother getting even and keeping him in your life. move on and succeed that is the best revenge you can give them
Mess with their car. Drop a tampon in the gass tank (or just add sugar if you want) or you can melt the engine block with thermite... some see it as extreme, i see it as what happends when they take my arm.
Be happy and it will eat him up inside.
depends on what he did
ignore, that works the best. No one likes being ignore, Men want what they can't or don't have. Ignore him and he will want u again regardless if you want him or not
Move on and make the most out of your life. That would be the best revenge - show them that you don't need them, and that you are past letting them be the center of your actions and thoughts by leaving them alone. Revenge is counterproductive anyway, and the best revenge is gained by not wasting your time seeking it at all!
Don't waste your time. Your ex will get what's coming to him. What goes around always comes around.
The most you can do and really make him steam, is date someone close to him, but you have to like him. His co-worker, boss, brother, friend.
Date His Best Friend Make Him Jealous Go To His housecAnd Have Sex In His Bed With His Best Friend.Good Luck=)
It depends on how bad he was. If he left you for someone then you make sure to better yourself and that gets them every time.
The best revenge is being happy.
Success is the best revenge. Get on with your life, be happy. Take care of yourself and don't look back.
yep go find happiness and put them in the past where they belong
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