Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guys, what should i do? chase him fight for him or just wait?

ok so you love your ex gf and she loves you, you 2 are madly in love with eachother. but you have a gf, whom you have broken up with more times than i can count in the past 2 months. you even broke up with her to be with this ex that u r in love with. but somehow you ended up with the gf that treats you like dirt, all she does is yell at you, if u r not home she will call every friend, ex gf, family member, even your boss to find out where you r. she is a drama queen, and a liar, and you even complain to your ex all the time about this and that u want to get away. so why haven't you gotten away yet? any way, i dunno what to do, i love this guy more than i ever loved any guy, and i know he is wrong for me, but that chick is a total crazy person, everyone says it.she doesnt love him, trust me. and he told me just to give him time, and to wait a little bit, is he testing me to see how long i would wait for love or is he trying to find a way away from her? should i just sit and wait?Guys, what should i do? chase him fight for him or just wait?
I would wait for him for 3weeks. If nothing happens, i suggest you move. No guy would give you up unless he doesnt love you. Trust your instincts, if you know he is not the one for you, move on. I am sure you will find someone better. Good luck. =)Guys, what should i do? chase him fight for him or just wait?
please get yourself out of this situation...if he wanted to be with you .....he would be...your are his old faithful...someone he can run to when things are not going good in his life...find someone else...let the past be the past
I suppose I am amongst the ranks of the ';retards'; saying you should move on, you deserve a whole lot better than what you're getting from this guy. I know right now the thought of beginning any sort of day without this guy in your life is downright horrific, but in this case NOTHING truly is better than being just friends with this guy. Time away from this person is the only way you can gain any bit of perspective. This is definitely not what you want to hear, but at least a month, if not two full months with no contact with him would be the best thing for you. After that, if he is still all you can think about, maybe there truly is something between you two, friendship or otherwise. Do yourself a favor though, and quit allowing him to treat you like dirt.
Ignore he has a girlfriend, don't go in for a kiss or anything but hardcore flirt with him. Make him unable to resist you every time he hangs out with you. And tell him he's in an abusive relationship, if he wants any advice. This girl's emotional rollercoaster is driving him crazy. On the other hand you seem really into him maybe you convey that you're too into him no matter what. So she's winning because he constantly has to work for her wheras you he all ready has. Flirt with him by pushing him away a little bit make him chase you a little bit to win.
If he truly loved you he would be with you and not with some crazy, insecure nut.

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