Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This is the last of it ever?

You will never know how much I loved you, and I will never tell you because all you ever talked about was your ex. That is also the main reason I have never told you how I felt about you, and never opened up to you about myself. I realize that you never cared about me and the only reason you ever kept me around was because it made you ex jelious and I was nothing more than a tool for you to get even with your ex. I was warned but I didn't want to listen because I saw the good in you that even your family didn't want to see, and believe me when I say they do talk s**t behind your back about how much weight you have gained ect..., but I stuck up for you. Mainly because it didn't matter I loved you reguardless. However I was never good enough for you. So all I can say is play with people as long as you like eventually you will have to grow up and when you are a lone a miserable or with someone that treats you like you have treated me karama is a b***h. I would have givenThis is the last of it ever?
clean up on isle 5 some whiney ***** left her personal sh!t all over the place. seriously i don't care if your a dude or a chic you officially have a vagina in my eyes, a sandy vagina. seriously what are you like 5. grow up and keep this crap between you and the gentleman you mentioned.This is the last of it ever?
ya know....his ex may have opened up to him....you didnt??

that probably means he never experienced love from you really. did you ask him to give you a chance? next time, make yourself clear to the guy who you are....hiding yourself, your feelings wasnt fair to you or him or for having a good relationship. better luck next time
I'm sorry.
that pirate guy is an asshole for real..

but im sorry ):
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