Monday, August 16, 2010

How do you get your ex to understand your done with them?

i recently broke up with my girlfriend of 2 months because i found out she was still seeing her ex. she wont seem to let it click that i dont want her anymore. i dont even want to be friends anymore. she still keeps texting me, and seending me stuff on facebook and other stuff like kisses and c r a p like that so i dont know how to get her to completely let me go without being ace.How do you get your ex to understand your done with them?
Its simple my friend: Block her and delete her from your facebook friends list, change your cell phone number and completely IGNORE her. You can't be nice and get an ex to leave you alone. If you are always nice then people will walk all over you...and you do not want to be a doormat trust me. If you see her and she tries to talk to you then simply tell her to **** off you have nothing to lose and there is no other way of getting it through to people like her. Good luck i hope his helps you out :)How do you get your ex to understand your done with them?
I would say Ignore her. But most girls in that mind set don't understand that. I would send her a long message telling her that you do not appreciate anything she is doing. You do not want to hear from her... etc. etc

I would also cut her completely from you. Like remove her from your friends list on facebook, and then block her. (you really can do that by the way) and you can call your phone company and have her number blocked.

My ex always sends me messages, I havent gotten around to having him blocked but I made his picture ';DO NOT PICK UP'; so I always know it's him or I automatically delete his message.

Be strong about ignoring her, even though it will hurt. You have to give her space to move on. Do NOT encourage her behavior by acknowledging it.

Good luck
Id ignore her messages (or change your number), block her on facebook... Then she probs will get the message eventually.

Some people dont realize whats going on and still think you want them, you've already finished with her and shes not paying any attention so id block her on everything. It will hurt her, but she needs to understand, and i feel that this could be the only way.

Youve been the nice guy and now your going to have to be strong

Good luck
Tell her straight. No other way of doing it. This kind of girl ain't backing out with mere words from text and emails from you. Say it. Face to Face or Call her. Be firm with your voice and leave no room for arguments that you want her to stop bothering you anymore. Thats THAT. Ive been in the same situation before with my ex, but the good thing about it was, we both agreed to put as much space between us since the pain of the break up hurts still on his part. So we ex-communicated each other. did not even try becoming friends.. We let it heal. We gave it space. After two years, we're finally able to say HI when we crossed paths unexpectedly. His happy with his life now Im very happy with mine. So its all up to you how you do it. And the best of luck to you too.
Unfortunately, there's very little you can do about someone as persistent as that. In my experience, ignoring someone was the probably the only effective method, even though it made me feel bad. Telling someone point-blank that you don't need them doesn't always work, because they might already be in that mind-set ';Well, he's only saying that because he feels hurt. I know we'll get back together.';
well tell her that its over your ex for a reason she knows the reason ou dont go back with ex's because it never works out if se cant handle this tell her your gonna have to block her on facebook and on your phone tell her your sorry but you cant be with someone you cant trust
Easy answer: Break off all contact and don't accept any messages or calls from her. If she happens to run into you, simply smile and nod and ignore any further communication...she'll get the idea after a while.
Just remind her one last time your through , and ignore her after wards.
slap her out of it

remove her from FB and ignore her messages, she'll soon get bored!x

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