Monday, August 16, 2010

What happens when the court decides to do a 'family investigation' on both you and your ex?

My ex filed a motion for modification to try to get his child support lowered and for visitation. He really looked like a fool because he owes almost a thousand dollars in arrears and I told the courts how unstable he is - freaking out punching HIMSELF in the head, cant hold down a job, he lets our 4 yr old daughter ride on dirt bike, 4-wheelers and jump on an outdoor trampoline which resulted in her breaking her arm!! All last summer, she came home with sunburns and I said enough is enough. I only allowed her to go with him because he lives with his girlfriend (who has a young son) and her parents live upstairs. I thought that they would be the responsible ones (since he is not), but apparently not. I told all these things to the judge, and my ex barely even defended himself. The judge decided to continue it for several months and do a 'family investigation' in the mean time. I want to know what this really consists of from someone who has had one before. Thanks for your input. Please just don't even bother if you have something negative to say.What happens when the court decides to do a 'family investigation' on both you and your ex?
They will be coming to see what kind of stability

is provided in each home.

They do not want to hear either party place blame,

or act like they want to interfere with visitation.

They want to hear which party is the most willing

to put the child's needs first.

They will also check out the house, sleeping arrangements,

food supply, etc...

Just be the concerned mother that you are without acting

like he should not be allowed to see his child.

Best wishesWhat happens when the court decides to do a 'family investigation' on both you and your ex?
So because he doesn't wrap her up in cotton wool and sheild her from having fun that makes him a bad father? Kids need to do things that are bit dangerous. Otherwise there's no point them being alive. It sounds to me like he has a lot more sense about the proper way to raise a child than you do.

Having sunburn means she has been outside in the sun and fresh air. That's a good thing.
there gonna see who is more responsible and it sounds like u i hope child services dont go cause there stricked that happend to my friend n they took away the kids from both cause every one was talking about how eachother were both bad parents so it might not be a good idea good luck
It means they will come out and evaluate both homes and most likely see that you both are good parents and deserve to see you daughter. I hate to say it but its not like he became this way overnight so you had to have known when you slept with him. And what is so wrong with jumping on a trampoline??? You seem pretty uptight to me and I don't think just because he doesn't protect her with a shield of armor that he will be seen as unfit. I am not trying to be mean but I am a firm believer that regardless of what you think of the father your daughter probably loves him and needs to see him or she might resent you in the future
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