Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How long is too long to fight for your ex?

If you made a lot of mistakes in the past (that don't include cheating), and you've spent the last three months apologising and fighting to get them back, and they tell you they still love you and they want to work things out but they wont try and work through things with you. They even make it hard to talk at all. But they want you to do all the work by yourself. When is the point where something has got to give?How long is too long to fight for your ex?
well thats pretty stupid

i mean i bring up past mistakes that my boyfriend did but just to

mess around not to get him all pissed off.

you serioulsy need to find a new girl and get a fresh start

she sounds like a *****.How long is too long to fight for your ex?
Hmmm... Sounds like they're closing themselves up pretty tight. Try catching them when they're drunk, they might offer more information as to their objectives as far as the relationship between you two is concerned.

Or you could sneak them some x. Lol, that'd definitely do it.
if you TRULY love her and she's worth all your love. all eternity isent too long. you fight and try till you get what you want
I usually give it 2 hours and move on...
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