Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I need your ADVICE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Ex broke up w/ me 2.5/3 wks ago. were together for 11 mos. First 7-8 were bliss and madly in love, she constantly would call, tell me how much she loves me, etc. she brought up our future together. Last 2 months I finished school and have been around all the time and way too available to the point where we began to fight when she wanted to be w/ friends and I wanted to go too. very dumb, I know and wish I could take it back. She has since told me she has lost attraction for me and needs time to see if we can be friends. We have been hanging out (lunch, etc.) once every few days then not talking for a few. I know most tell me to back off but I wanna show her how it use to be. SOO, girls please tell me how you got back with your ex(even for a short while) and what the guy did to make you at least be open to hanging out with him, become interested again, jealous, etc. Even if you think it is not healthy or 'socially acceptable' please share what you or your ex did to at least be openI need your ADVICE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
When a couple breaks up and gets back together sometimes it can cause a cycle of breakups and hookups. I do not recommend this. However if both parties (you and her) want to try things again and you both are 100% willing and ready, then things could turn out great. However if one is willing and the other is not ready, more than likely it would not last very long.I need your ADVICE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
showed me how much i missed him, by doing all the things i loved about him..making me laugh etc x
Sorry, I've never had a boyfriend! I know I'm only 13, but it's still annoying. Can you help me?

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