Monday, August 16, 2010

Is it possible to be friends after a divorce or break up?

Hi, well this question is not about me but my future parents in law, you see my fiance's parents got separated when my fiance and his brother were small, then my fiance's father immigrated to this country, years later my fiance's mother took my fiance with her and came here too, my fiance's father helped them out a little and well now my mother in law got a big house a very nice well paid job and they live well with the exception that they are not completely legal here but oh well...anyways so my fiance's dad lives now on the basement lol, and because he comes home earlier he cooks and stuff for everyone, him and my mother in law have such a great friendship even the new husband and my father in law are good friends and they were friends also back in their home country, so It all seemed weird to me at first but I think I'm becoming used to it and looks like such an amazing thing to me, I mean I wouldn't be able to be friend of my ex and the most ...well bizarre thing is that my in laws still are friends even though my father in law used to chase around my mother in law with a machete when he was drunk ....and other weird stuff, now my father in law is calmed and wayyy nicer according to my bf, but sometimes I feel uneasy around them and scared and my mom keeps making fun of me and sometimes tells me how come I got involve with such ignorant and low life people because they drink a lot my mother in law new husband is 10 years younger than her and they swear like 10 times for each sentence they speak...but hmm my mom is nice to them and stuff and only tells this to me because she says she is scared they might do something to me, but my bf is a very nice guy and yes sometimes he does act like this closed minded hard headed people but oh well he is not like his family, he doesn't drink or smoke and has never cheated on me and respects women a lot, so I love him, oh well I suddenly went off topic lol, so what do you think? Is being friends with your ex even possible? Thank You.Is it possible to be friends after a divorce or break up?
Your question:

';Is it possible to be friends after a divorce or break up?';

Answer: ';They should be civil if there are children involved.';

I wouldn't say buddy buddy, but at least be cordial.

Is it possible to be friends after a divorce or break up?
My husband and his ex are very friendly. Granted, it's mainly for their daughter's sake, but they get along better now than they did when they were together. My husband and her husband even get along great. It's a little strange, but it's nice to not have to deal with any drama.
rare but possible
It's possible , it took a few years for my ex and I to be friends but we are.
sorry i really got lost in what you were asking .. lol
Its very possible an di think it can be great the only sad thing is even after separating you are still staying together en your ex is even married no no i don'tt think that a good idea itsab abitt weird ,

To me i can make sure we stay very far from my Ex
Yes it is possible. If you have kids it is important I no alot of divorced couples that socialize, My boyfriend %26amp; I went to the circus with my ex husband and his girlfriend for my birthday. His girlfriend is the one who bought the tickets for my birthday present. I had told her I had never been. If you really think about it the new girlfriend is probably pretty nice, Just remember He used to like you so you know he has good taste in women

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